Sailors see something massive in the water. When they realize what it is, they immediately jump overboard.

In the sea, you can encounter a variety of phenomena. This element is unpredictable, the weather can change dramatically, the wind will start blowing in a different direction, the waves will become bigger. It’s good if you come across a flock of whales or dolphins in the sea, it’s worse if you notice a dangerous shark. But what got in the way of Sri Lankan Navy personnel is really amazing…

What sailors will not see in the water during their voyage. But sometimes there is really something very unusual in the sea… The Sri Lankan naval team was performing a standard patrol when they noticed something massive in the water. Something strange was discovered about 14 kilometers from the coast. The event took place on July 11, 2022 in the coastal waters of Sri Lanka in the northeast of the country.

The servicemen noticed something huge from their boat. They couldn’t figure out what was floundering in the water. It was obviously something alive! When the sailors finally realized what was in the water, they could not believe their eyes! But we must pay tribute to the team of servicemen, they immediately tried to help the unfortunate man who found himself at sea!

But what was it? You just won’t believe it! Sri Lankan Navy servicemen found someone far from the shore, right in the depths of the sea, who they did not expect to see there! I was fighting for my life in the water… elephant! He swam incredibly far, it’s amazing how this could happen to him! The elephant was really huge! The sailors noticed him in time, because the animal was exhausted, it barely held its trunk above the water.

But the elephant struggled for life with all his last strength, trying to stay afloat. It is not known how long he was at sea before he was discovered by the military. Of course, Sri Lanka is famous for these huge kind animals, but it’s unlikely that anyone has ever managed to see them in the water so far from the shore before. It is not surprising that the sailors did not immediately realize what was floundering in the waves!

Who expects to find a giant land animal 14 kilometers from the coast! The military suggests that the elephant was trying to cross a shallow pond located between the jungle areas, but something clearly went wrong. As a result, the poor guy was simply swept into the sea! When the sailors realized that they needed to act, they immediately rushed to save the elephant, but they did not succeed.

Still, it is not often that the military has to get massive animals from the depths of the sea. How do you order to drag a huge elephant on board, deliver it to land? Sri Lankan servicemen had to call for help from a group of divers, as well as additional boats to transfer the animal. A simple and effective plan was devised to save the elephant from the water.

Divers attached a rope to the animal’s body, the ends of which were fixed to the boat. To do this, it was necessary first to calm the animal so that it would let people come to it. But in the end, everything worked out! The elephant tied with a rope was towed to the shore, where it was safely handed over to animal rights activists. The rescue operation was completed successfully!

Now the poor guy will definitely avoid all lagoons, stay away from the water! The elephant was unlucky to be in the open sea, but it cannot be called a loser, because thanks to the coordinated actions of divers and the military, the animal was still saved! Fortunately, people did not abandon the poor guy, but immediately came to his aid.

It took a lot of effort to save the elephant, but in the end everything ended well! This story will surely be passed from mouth to mouth in the families of those who took part in towing the huge animal to shore. As for the elephant, we hope that he has already recovered and continues to live his usual life on land.

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