She came to live with her grandmother only because of the inheritance, but she could not imagine how it would end.

Friends, welcome to the justfun channel. Ties of blood kinship are the most precious thing a person has. They keep him in this world and help him cope with any difficulties. Just about such a case is our story today. Mrs. Lou Porter was sitting at her desk in her little house, filling out paperwork. Now there was nothing holding her here, and the woman made the final decision. At that moment, there was a knock on the door. She didn’t want to see anyone, so she shouted:

“No one lives here anymore!”. The knocking on the door was still going on, and getting louder. Limping, the elderly woman got up and went to the door. When she opened it, a letter fell down. It was from a notary’s office. Mrs. Porter was informed that the inherited apartment after her daughter would go to her granddaughter if she lived with her grandmother before the case was opened, and to her son–in-law if her granddaughter lived elsewhere during this period.

The woman knew about the terrible bad manners of her granddaughter, but she could not allow her daughter’s apartment to go to her second husband. Lou reflected on the strange desire of her daughter, whom she had not seen for many years, until her unexpected death. At this time, there was practically a pounding on the door. The woman went to open the door for the second time. This time there was a girl of about 15 standing on the threshold, provocatively dressed, with multicolored hair. Without further ado, she wheeled in her suitcase on wheels and began to inspect the room.

The girl’s name was Angelica. This was the woman’s granddaughter. From the first minutes, the girl did not like the woman. She said that everything in the house is too old and it would not hurt to change a lot. The woman besieged her, saying that her granddaughter was here only because that was the will of her mother in her will. The girl grinned, sat down on the sofa and threw her sneakers on the table. “That’s where you’re right. I only need to survive here for a few months, then I’ll get out of here,” she said.

The elderly woman warned that the guest should not dare to touch anything, unless, of course, she wants to live here before receiving the inheritance. The girl was sitting with huge headphones, from which music was hammering and blowing bubbles of gum, so it is not known if she heard her grandmother. But she was interested in the booklet on the table. On the first page , a large inscription read: “Golden paradise. A place for a new life.” “Is my grandmother going to move somewhere?” Angelica asked.

Mrs. Porter angrily snatched the booklet from the girl’s hands and said that it was none of her business. Grandma was so angry that she didn’t even offer her granddaughter dinner and choose a place to sleep. At night, Lou left the room to pour herself a glass of water. The granddaughter fell asleep on the sofa in the kitchen. The woman noticed that it was cold in the kitchen, and the girl was sleeping the way she arrived, in one blouse. She was obviously cold and trying to curl up.

“God! How did I not even give the poor child something to hide with,” the woman was upset and immediately brought one of her best blankets. The next morning Angelica woke up and realized how warm and pleasant she was. She was covered with a blanket, and coffee and fresh rolls with porridge were steaming on the table next to her. The girl happily reached for the food. When Grandma came in, she thanked her for a wonderful breakfast. The woman made a stern face and said that she was preparing everything for herself.

Angelica smiled, but did not object. She realized that her grandmother did not want to admit to being kind to her. When the girl tried to watch TV, Mrs. Porter took away her remote control and began to switch channels. She said that in this house they will watch only what the hostess wants. The girl sadly replied that she now understands her mother, who ran away from here. The woman glared angrily at her granddaughter.

She replied that her daughter had chosen Angelica to be the stepfather of the most worthless idler who had fooled her head, and because of him she left her mother. The granddaughter tried to tell her grandmother that it was not good to be angry at her for her mother’s mistake. But the woman just kept telling Angelica not to touch anything in the house. So the days passed by. Grandmother and granddaughter practically did not talk. One day Angelica suddenly fell ill. She got out of bed in the morning, but she felt the floor go out from under her feet and lost consciousness. When she woke up, her grandmother was sitting next to her with tears in her eyes.

A wet handkerchief was lying on the girl’s head. There were some medications nearby. But Angelica was in another room of the house. “You’ve finally woken up, my dear,” the woman said, addressing her granddaughter. The girl realized that her grandmother had moved her to a room that she had always forbidden to enter. She asked what kind of room it was? Mrs. Porter finally burst into tears and said that Angelica’s mother had lived here since birth, although now there was almost nothing left of her.

The girl asked why her grandmother did not leave her, because she is a bad granddaughter. The woman replied that it was impossible for her to allow something bad to happen to a loved one. “The blood of my family flows in your veins and that says it all,” added the grandmother. After that, she gave the girl pills and ordered her to take a nap. The next morning, Angelica felt much better. In the morning she cooked breakfast.

When Lou left the room, the woman habitually growled at her granddaughter not to touch her things. But the girl smiled disarmingly and replied: “Grandma! Stop grumbling. Let’s have breakfast instead.” It was the first morning they happily spent together. The girl thanked her grandmother for her kindness and told her that neither her father nor stepfather had ever done a single good deed for her.

Mrs. Porter replied that life in general is an unfair thing, and she will not be able to replace her mother or father. “It was my duty to help you,” the woman said. When there was a knock on the door, Angelica went to open it. The postman gave her a letter with the Golden Paradise logo on the envelope again. It was an invitation to my grandmother from the nursing home where she was going to move. Angelica tore it to shreds and threw it away, and told her grandmother that they had the wrong address. The girl got involved in the household.

She liked to cook, wash dishes, clean the house and water her grandmother’s flowers. Lou was very grateful to her granddaughter. In their free time, they played cards, watched TV and even listened to the rhythms of modern music. One day the girl went out to the store, and when she returned, she saw a car with the already familiar “paradise” logo at the house. An unknown man was taking suitcases out of the house and putting them in the trunk. My grandmother was standing next to me. The girl ran up and hugged her.

“Grandma, who is this? Where are you going with this man?” she almost screamed. Mrs. Porter replied in a lifeless voice that her request to the nursing home was approved, but for some reason she did not receive a letter. Angelica admitted that she received the letter and tore it up. Lu was surprised to learn that her granddaughter did not want her to leave. The girl cried and shouted that she did not need an inheritance, but she needed a grandmother. That’s why she never had a loving family, and when she appeared, her grandmother decided to leave her.

Yes, at first she came to live with her grandmother only because of the inheritance, but she could not imagine how it would end. Mrs. Porter felt that her granddaughter did not want to let her go. But she knew that in the house for the elderly, everything was prepared for her arrival. The woman allowed her granddaughter to live in the house all the time before accepting the inheritance, kissed her and got into the car. Lou saw Angelica running after the car for a while and shouting at her not to leave.

Finally she stopped, turned around and, with her head down, walked back. Suddenly, some dam of feelings broke through in the soul of an elderly woman. “God, what am I doing!” she thought and asked to stop the car. She apologized to the representative of the center and rolled her two suitcases back towards the house. At this time, Angelica was packing her things in a hurry. She didn’t want to stay in the house for a minute, where every thing reminded her of her grandmother.

The girl jumped out of the door with a small bag, wondering where to put the key. At that moment, Lou was approaching the house. They looked at each other endlessly for a long time, hugged and cried. Each of them realized that here it is, real happiness – family and a loved one nearby. Appreciate your family while they are in your life. Only they will support you in a difficult moment and will love you simply for what you are.

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