She was called a horse-faced woman, but she found her happiness. The Story of Grace McDaniels

Not everyone is destined to be beautiful, sometimes nature gives us features that are difficult to call attractive. Although you should always remember that happiness is not in appearance at all… This story is about an American Grace McDaniels, who was born in 1888 in the USA in Iowa. The baby grew up in a farmer’s family, had a pretty appearance, which was not any special.

The only noticeable feature that distinguished the girl from others was a birthmark on her face. At first, the parents did not pay much attention to the black area of the skin, but over time they realized that something was wrong. The girl’s appearance began to change rapidly… It turned out that Grace’s face wasn’t a birthmark at all… The girl turned out to be sick with Sturge-Weber syndrome. This vascular disease manifested itself in skin pigmentation, as well as the development of benign tumors.

The face of the unfortunate woman began to be greatly distorted, the features deformed. By adolescence, when girls turn into beautiful girls, Grace has become a real freak… It was as if there was some kind of incomprehensible mass on her face, which made a person a strange repulsive doll. And Grace’s face looked very much like a horse’s face. She was indeed ugly, but fortunately her mind was not affected by the disease. Although such cases are far from uncommon.

Sturge-Weber syndrome is often accompanied by a significant deterioration in mental abilities. However, Grace had not only a kind soul, but also a bright mind. She was smart and well-read, and she always tried to help people. That’s just there weren’t many people willing to chat, much less make friends with a strange girl. In addition, over time, the swelling around the mouth became so large that it prevented Grace from talking.

So the girl almost completely locked herself in her own world, consisting of books and thoughts about her difficult fate. Grace realized that she had very little chance of being happy. And she wanted to take everything she could from her dubious appearance! So, the woman decided to take part in a beauty contest on the contrary! At the competition, which took place in 1935, the most unattractive lady was chosen. Grace won by a huge margin…

It is difficult to imagine that in our time someone would think of organizing such an event. And hardly anyone would have decided to take part in it… But winning a strange contest completely changed Grace’s life. The fact is that at the competition, an American woman was noticed by one important person – the owner of the circus of freaks. I must say that such shows were very popular in those days. The artists received good money and even fame, albeit very dubious.

Immediately after the competition, Grace was invited to the troupe! It was very difficult for the American to overcome embarrassment, and also pride, in order to start showing herself for the amusement of the public. The woman tried her best not to show how much it hurt her that everyone was laughing at her ugliness. And Grace was richly rewarded for her suffering! She received an excellent salary, which hardly anyone could afford at that time.

Grace was given almost $200 for weekly performances! And the American woman started buying herself everything she wanted, including beautiful shoes and dresses. So Grace tried to hide her ugliness a little, which, ironically, brought her so much money. Interestingly, the horse-faced woman even had fans! Grace wanted love so much that one day she confided in one of the circus workers with whom she spent the night.

Immediately after that, the man quit and left Grace’s life forever. But that night led to the birth of a charming boy! Elmer was a healthy and, most interestingly, a very beautiful child! Grace felt perfectly happy raising her baby. Elmer loved his mother madly, considering her the most beautiful woman in the world! The boy has grown into a gorgeous man!

Elmer was really very good-looking, besides, his mother’s money made him rich. The man became the manager and administrator of his star mom, for many years he did not need anything at all. However, the family idyll was disrupted by the fact that Elmer was addicted to illegal substances and alcohol. He spent a lot of money, at the same time Grace’s fame gradually faded.

It all ended with the fact that the woman was left penniless. She died in poverty at the age of 70. A few years after the death of his mother, handsome Elmer also left this world. Grace was not pretty, but there were many pleasant moments in her life. She was rich, loved by the public, even though it all sailed away from her hands.

But such is our fleeting and changeable life! At the same time, only her son, whom she simply adored, made Grace truly happy! Although her path on this earth was not cloudless, the horse-faced woman lived many joyful moments, being next to her Elmer.

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