She was told that she would never walk again, but what happened at the wedding shocked everyone!

A person does not know how much power is inherent in him until he is faced with a situation that will allow him to manifest it. Jackie Goncher was once an athlete who devoted a lot of time to training and her physical condition. She swam, ran, worked out for hours in the gym. However, everything changed one terrible day in 2008. The 17-year-old athlete went to a friend’s house to swim in his pool.

But when the American woman dived into the water, she immediately realized that something had happened. The girl tried to move and couldn’t do it! Jackie’s friends were sure that she was just joking. But then they realized that the girl just couldn’t move! Friends immediately pulled the unfortunate out of the pool, called doctors. Jackie’s neck was hanging limply, the girl lost consciousness.

The doctors who arrived at the scene made a disappointing diagnosis – Goncher suffered a spinal injury, was paralyzed below the chest. It was a real blow for Jackie! After all, she was an athlete, adored movement. And, of course, a very young girl did not want to spend her life in a wheelchair. But the doctors could not please the poor man with anything. They reported that with a high probability the Potter will never be able to walk again!

The girl was assigned a complicated operation, which was supposed to increase the chances that the Potter would be able to get back on his feet. However, even surgical intervention could not correct the situation. At the same time, Jackie was not going to give up at all! It affected not only her athletic stamina, but also a very strong character. The girl understood how difficult her situation was, but did everything possible to get back on her feet. Jackie started physical therapy, but she still had low blood pressure, which led to loss of consciousness.

However, the girl continued her studies! Physical therapy improved Jackie’s mobility, she could even bend her knees. And six months after the accident, Goncher surprised the doctors by getting back on her feet! Not for long, but it was a great result, which no one hoped for! However, all this was given to the girl with great difficulty, because she simply did not have enough strength even for the slightest movement.

Perseverance and constant exercise helped Jackie learn simple actions: she could make herself up with one hand, get on her feet, even take one or two steps with the help of others. And after that, the girl felt completely exhausted. So 8 years have passed since the terrible incident. Jackie was in a wheelchair most of the time. But Goncher did not give up, she tried to live a full life, do physical therapy, continued to communicate with friends, even met with a young man.

And when Andy’s boyfriend proposed to the girl, she immediately agreed! And immediately I thought that I would definitely go to the altar myself! The girl immediately started more intense exercises, even signed up for the gym. Although when Jackie got on the exercise bike, it just started to turn off because she couldn’t pedal as fast as she needed to. Later, the girl said about this moment: “I was so upset that I put my head on the simulator and cried.”

However, her efforts were not in vain! Before her training, the girl could stand for just a few minutes, immediately after the start of intensive training, this time increased significantly! Jackie trained six days a week for two hours. I walked, pedaled, lifted weights, pumped my leg muscles. She became more confident and stronger after each trip to the gym, and also motivated all visitors with her example.

Jackie said the following about this time: “There were a lot of people who came up to me in the gym to say that it was so motivating to see me there. It was great to get this random support from strangers.” And now the wedding day has come. Unsuspecting guests gathered in the hall. Jackie was dazzling in her airy dress! That’s just not the outfit that attracted the attention of loved ones who gathered to congratulate Jackie.

When it was time to walk down the aisle, the bride got up from her chair, which just shocked everyone! The girl was supported by her grandfather on the one hand, her mother on the other. But she was walking down the aisle with her feet! Even Jackie’s fiance, who helped her with training, could not hold back tears, let alone the rest of the guests who knew nothing about the surprise.

When the newlyweds later viewed photos from the wedding, they were amazed that at the moment of the bride’s passage, all those invited to the event were crying! As a result, the girl not only reached the altar herself, but also stood on her feet for almost the entire wedding. And this is a whole 4 hours! And the couple had a real wedding dance!

Jackie leaned on her beloved, but it was still a real magic, which was even sketched by an artist invited to the wedding. Willpower, thirst for life, determination are able to overcome any obstacles, achieve the most incredible goals. It is also important that there are people nearby to lean on!

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