She woke up from a coma, despite the death sentence. It broke her heart to find out what her boyfriend did

When we go through terrible trials, close people help us to cope with pain, to emerge victorious from a situation, no matter how frightening or hopeless it may be. And if a person leaves in a difficult moment, it means that he has never been really close… Australian Brie Duval moved to Canada to start a new life with her boyfriend.

A beautiful 25-year-old girl was doing great: she had a good job, a loved one nearby. But everything changed literally in one terrible minute! The girl was relaxing with her friends when the accident happened. She fell from a great height of the garage right into a deep pit, about which there were no warning signs. It was at night, Bree just didn’t notice the big hole from the construction work.

The fall was very unfortunate, upside down. The girl was immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors found serious brain damage, leg fractures in several places. But the worst thing was that the doctors gave only 10% that Bree would survive! Friends were just shocked by what happened, they immediately told the terrible news to their parents and the guy with whom the girl had been dating for the last 4 years.

Bree couldn’t breathe on her own, she was hooked up to a ventilator. The family who came to the unfortunate woman understood that their pet had little chance of survival, but they believed in the best. When the doctors suggested disconnecting Bri from the ventilator, the relatives refused to do it. And over time, doctors began to see improvements in the condition of the unfortunate! Bree was slowly coming back to life!

Already 4 weeks after the accident, the girl was able to open her eyes! And this despite the fact that the doctors gave a very disappointing prognosis about Bree’s chances of survival! And the family was there when the girl opened her eyes! But someone else wasn’t there… Bree was getting better, her family supported her. But the girl could not help but notice that her beloved boyfriend was not in the hospital.

And he hasn’t appeared once since she came to her senses in the ward. Bree found out that he wasn’t even interested in her! The girl was given the phone when she recovered enough to use it. And she saw that her beloved had never written to her! Bree had a real shock when she started asking the family about the guy. It turned out that he left her almost immediately, and after a while found another one!

Bree decided to write a message to her ex-boyfriend to finally sort out the situation. That’s just ahead of her. It turned out that the former did not have the courage to write to her and explain himself. Bree texted a new girl! She wrote: “I’m with him now. He lives with me and my son, don’t mess with him!” Of course Bree was crushed! She didn’t expect such betrayal from someone she trusted completely!

After all, the girl even moved to another country to be near her beloved. And he left her as soon as the hard times came. In such situations, you wonder: did this person love at all? And the answer becomes obvious! So, Bree had several tasks ahead of her. Now she needed not only to undergo rehabilitation, but also to heal her heart. The girl was supported in everything by her family, who was there all this terrible time.

That’s how life shows us who really deserves our attention. Bree is almost completely recovered now. She was able to restore her health, heal her mental wounds. And all thanks to the family, who always supported and helped the girl! Bree was discharged from the hospital six months after the accident. Now the girl has returned to Australia, to those who have always been by her side in difficult times.

There are events that do not change our lives for the better. And it’s good if there are people who can support us. And if you are thrown into grief, then this means only one thing – people who should not have been present in it are leaving life! This makes room for true friendship and love. These are the stories that sometimes happen in real life.

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