The authorities took away his house and land, but he did not lose his head and bought a rock in the ocean!

Sometimes life takes literally everything from us and puts us in a very difficult position. But there is always a way out of any, even the most difficult situation, although sometimes very unusual… This story took place in the vicinity of the city of Georgetown – the capital of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, located in the Caribbean Sea. At the beginning of the last century, the place that later became the largest economic center of the state was in dire need of additional development.

To increase the territory of the city, the authorities went into conflict with the family of Joseph Wharton. The man had a small house and a private plot. And so the Georgetown Mayor’s office found nothing better than to take away the Wharton property in order to erect new city buildings in its place. Of course, the man was compensated, but the family was literally left without a roof over their heads.

At the same time, a small amount was not enough for a new house. However, Joseph did not despair, he decided to turn this difficult situation to his advantage. And the man made a very extraordinary decision! He bought it for a little money… a piece of rock right in the middle of the ocean! Of course, such a purchase cost him inexpensively, because who wants to live on bare stones? A small rock towered over Narragansett Bay, it was completely surrounded by water.

There was a desolate bare land around, on which it was impossible to grow anything. But to build a house on such a territory turned out to be quite a feasible task for Joseph! After all, his family needed to live somewhere! And there was no doubt that no one would demolish the rock for sure! And in 1906, the grandiose construction began. It lasted for several years, but the result was simply amazing.

Joseph didn’t just build a house, he built a real castle! Oak, brick and stone were used for the construction. As a result, we managed to create a real masterpiece of architecture right on the rock! The house was equipped with everything necessary for life: sewerage, water supply, ornate stairs, a balcony. The three-storey mansion had 23 rooms, 10 bedrooms, a terrace. The house was connected to the shore by means of a pier, along which it was necessary to walk.

It’s hard to imagine how it was possible to erect such a grandiose structure in such an inaccessible place! Builders competently used the territory, the mansion occupied almost the entire rock. The luxurious building even got its own name – Klingstone. The name was invented by Joseph himself. This word means a bone that is difficult to separate from the fetus. What a poetic and very accurate metaphor of an amazing mansion that occupies literally the entire rock!

Several generations of Wharton have lived in an unusual house in the middle of the water. Now the mansion, which is a real introvert’s dream, is owned by architect Henry Wood. He decided not to significantly change anything in the house to pay tribute to its builder. Henry only decorated the interior to his liking, and also strengthened the building, because the building erected using oak needed restoration. The house was purchased by a new owner back in 1961 for $ 3,600!

The building needed major repairs, it was very dilapidated. In addition, the pier was destroyed in 1938, so it became possible to get to the dwelling on the rock only by boat. However, Henry was simply captivated by the unusual mansion! He invested a lot of money in the building, making it brighter, cozy and comfortable to live in. Henry still occasionally lives in Klingstone, is very proud of his house and shows it to everyone.

The mansion has many advantages: a beautiful view, complete autonomy. An electric generator is installed in the house, and sewerage is also provided, which involves the discharge of waste into the ocean with their mandatory pre-cleaning. If there is an ideal place in the world for those who love solitude and peace, then this is the house on Klingstone Rock. And this mansion is distinguished not only by its location, but also by an amazing construction history.

The man who was deprived of his home did not drown his grief in a bottle and complain about life, but built a beautiful dwelling right on the rock! And this house is livable even after more than 100 years from the moment of construction! This is the story of the victory of determination, courage and faith in success over life circumstances that could not break the spirit of a real person!

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