The autistic son flies alone for the first time – later the mother receives a letter that touches her to the depths of her soul…

All parents worry about their children. Moms and dads are especially worried when their babies take their first independent steps. This touching story happened in the Bjornson family. Alexa’s mom has a very unusual child growing up.

Seven-year-old Landon suffers from functional autism, which is expressed in the presence of strong reactions to things that are not something annoying or unpleasant for ordinary children. For example, a child may be afraid of loud noises, a large crowd of people, close contact with someone, for example, hugs.

Autistic people do only what they think is right themselves, which makes communication with such children very difficult. It can be very difficult to convince them of something or force them to do something. This is exactly the situation that Landon’s mom faced. The fact is that the father of an unusual boy lives far from his family, in Oregon.

Alexa’s house with her son, in turn, is located in Las Vegas. And then one day Landon decided that he just had to see his father. The boy did not want to hear a refusal, he was sure that he had to do just that. Alexa knew her son, so she understood that she would have to come up with some kind of plan to get the boy to his father.

At the same time, she did not have the opportunity to fly with the child. What to do in such a situation? Landon is determined to visit his father, but the boy suffers from autism. How do I send it to Oregon from Las Vegas? Domestic flights are very common in the USA, but the distance between cities is very large. Alexa thought with horror about how her child would endure such a journey.

Landon kept asking when he would be able to see his father. In the end, Alexa gave up! She decided to send her autistic boy alone on a plane to her dad! Of course, the mother was very worried about her child, but she could not refuse him. The woman understood that Landon would ask her about it every day until Alexa agreed to fulfill her son’s dream.

The boy did not doubt the correctness of his decision for a minute. He was completely calm, looking forward to the flight to his father. Landon knew he was doing the right thing, he wasn’t interested in anything else.

Alexa thought with horror that her child would have to sit in a crowded plane, feel the shaking, pressure drops. It is completely unclear how the child could react to stress! At the same time, there will be no close person next to him who will calm, support, distract.

To somehow facilitate the flight, Alexa decided to write an unusual note. Mom asked her son to give the letter to the person who will sit next to him on the plane. On a piece of paper it was written: “Hello! It’s Landon! He is 7 years old, and he is flying alone for the first time. He has functional autism, meaning he is very intelligent and loving, but prone to emotions when scared.

Can become hyperactive. He may ask you: “Have we arrived yet?”. If you could help him feel comfortable and safe, I would be infinitely grateful to you! He may be scared at first, but he has games and snacks.

My name is Alexa (Mom), and if you hear anything on the flight that I should know, please write or call me. This $100 is for you. Thank you and have a nice flight.” Fortunately, the flight went fine. At the airport, Landon was met by his father, who took care of his son.

After a while, the brave boy again made an independent flight to return home. When Landon met his mother, he gave her a note that touched the woman to the core. It said, “Alexa, my name is Ben. I was Landon’s neighbor during his flight to Oregon.

He asked several times if we were in this place. He was a good traveling companion. We had a great game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. He’s a good guy, and you’re a happy mom. I appreciate your $100, but it wasn’t necessary. I donated money in honor of Landon.

I wish you a good day.” Mom was absolutely happy! She did not even hope that strangers could completely selflessly take care of her unusual child! Such stories really delight and inspire!

It’s great to know that there are altruists in this world who can help a stranger who needs it. Separately, it is worth noting the resourcefulness of Alexa, who not only let her son go, but also took the right steps to make his journey as comfortable as possible.

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