The baby elephant stepped on a mine and lost his leg, but there was a doctor who helped him…

We are used to grandmothers who feed cats at the entrance, people helping abandoned dogs. But there are also those who use the achievements of science to make life easier for our younger brothers who need it. Thailand has an amazingly picturesque nature, the purest tropical beaches that attract tourists from all over the world.

But the state, which unites more than a hundred islands, has a little-known dark side. In Thailand there are not only swaying palm trees, warm sand and soft waves, but also a huge number of mines! According to experts, there are about 360 square kilometers of unexploded shells in ten provinces of the country!

Mined are the territories of the state bordering Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia. Thailand once had an armed conflict with these countries. Many villages, agricultural lands, and even forests are considered dangerous for finding people and animals. The government is taking measures to neutralize the shells, but there are a lot of them.

Mined territories remain an extremely serious problem for the state, because people and animals die from shell explosions, many remain disabled. Moshe the elephant was also unlucky… The animal stepped on a high-explosive mine, which tore off her front leg. The baby was only seven months old. How can a baby elephant live normally after what happened?

The baby’s life was ruined forever, no one believed that she would be able to walk again… Due to the absence of one leg, the load during movement was distributed unevenly, as a result, the spine and other limbs suffered greatly. The poor elephant did not understand what was happening, but it was obvious to people that the animal was simply doomed to a short, suffering life…

However, an incredible thing happened! A kind doctor came to the animal’s aid, almost ailing, only in the Thai manner. The hero was a doctor named Terdhai Jivakate. He found out about the misfortune that happened to the elephant and just couldn’t stay away. The man wanted to help the poor guy at all costs, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

But it cannot be said that Mosha was born under an unlucky star, after all, there was a man who did not leave the elephant in trouble! Terdhai Jivakate decided that it was necessary to act. The man worked as an orthopedic surgeon, he often helped in the rehabilitation of injured elephants.

Terdhai even became part of an amazing team of enthusiasts who created the world’s first hospital for these noble animals! When the doctor found out about the trouble, he could not stay away. Terdhai did not hesitate for a second whether he needed to intervene! It remains only to understand how to act, because the task was very non-trivial.

Jivakate thought for a long time how to help Moshe, until he found a way out! And he turned out to be just brilliant! The doctor decided to create an artificial leg! It was supposed to be the world’s first elephant prosthesis! And the doctor, together with his team, coped with this task! They created an artificial leg especially for Moshi!

The prosthesis has taken root well, it helps the animal to walk very much, to distribute the load correctly in order to relieve tension from the spine and other limbs. It worked! Mosha began to feel much better! And an amazing team of doctors changes the prostheses of the elephant as she grows! They spare no effort, time and money to help an animal that is in trouble!

And they will do it all the time as long as Mosha is alive. Thanks to a team of enthusiasts, the elephant leads a normal life, does not suffer from the absence of a leg. And this is the main gratitude for Terdhai and his like-minded people! Someone leaves mines that destroy the lives of people and animals, and someone saves those who were blown up by them.

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