The beauty queen was humiliated for being from a poor family, but she shut everyone up.

No one person can be better than another, regardless of their gender, race, religion or socio-economic status. Today’s story is just about that. Watch until the end it will be interesting. Lupita Valero, a 23-year-old young girl from a poor family who worked hard as a waitress to fulfill her dream and become a fashion designer.

Lupita is not only a very hardworking girl, but also has an extraordinary beauty, thanks to which she was able to participate in a beauty contest in the TV show “Mexican Miss Universe”. Unfortunately, she immediately became the object of terrible harassment in social networks, where commentators mocked the girl because she worked as a waitress. But despite this, she was not at all ashamed of the fact that she had to wash tables to pay for her studies.

On the contrary, Lupita was proud of it. During her participation in the beauty contest, the girl received hundreds of scathing comments. When the moment came when the judges could ask the participants questions, one of them even decided to ask the girl questions about what happened during the contest. Without holding back her emotions, she gave a thoughtful answer. Her performance went viral and quickly spread across the Internet.

The judge asked the girl: “Dear, my question is addressed to you, but I dedicate it to one idiot whose comment I was unlucky enough to read on Twitter yesterday. This angered me to the core. I want to ask you this question from the bottom of my heart, because I know that you have a great answer for this type of people. Lupita, as we all know, you work as a waitress to pay for your studies and have money for a living.

I am sure that no job can be a cause for shame. But I wanted to ask you, Lupita, if you have ever felt discriminated against because of your kind of activity. The girl took the floor and replied: “Yes, I felt discriminated against because of my work as a waitress. Because I devoted myself to a job that taught me to be respectful and tolerant of people, and which allowed me to develop the skills of serving people that any person should have.

They humiliated me, said bad words, looked at me and considered themselves superior because I offered them my services. My mother is a salesman and my father is a cook. My family taught me that any job, the main thing is that it should be decent, a reason for pride and respect. Thanks to this job, I can pay for my studies at the university, because I had to leave home early for an independent life.

Today I can proudly inform you that I am ready to get a diploma and become a fashion designer. But it wasn’t just this type of discrimination that I had to face. I also faced humiliation because of my socio-economic situation, because people believe that we, those who live at the very bottom, have no right to dreams. A few days ago I read a comment that said:

“All the girls are very beautiful, but this one from Guerrero has these rustic sandals visible from afar.” I want to tell this person: “Yes, it’s true, I put on these sandals before the competition and I’m not going to hide them, because I’m proud of who I am and where I was born. And most importantly, I am happy and grateful to God for where I was able to get to.” With this, the girl finished her monologue and loud applause rang out. There is nothing shameful in the fact that a person comes from a poor family and is forced to work, it is rather a reason for pride.

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