The boy is afraid of the dark and goes to bed with a goldfish, but wakes up from a terrifying surprise…

Parents should teach their children the rules of life starting from a young age. Otherwise, they will make mistakes that will upset them very much and may even become fatal at an older age. When a son was born in the family of Tori and Corey Hamlin, they bought him an aquarium from the age of several months. Parents decorated it with a backlight of colorful flashing lights and launched a goldfish there.

The boy liked to look at the floating pet from an early age. When he got a little older, he began to sit on a chair next to the aquarium and watched the fish swimming for hours. Everett looked after his beloved pet and often asked his mother what beautiful objects could be put in the “fish house”? Parents rejoiced at their son’s passion.

Each of them had aquariums as a child, and they were happy to follow the life of the fish. Their baby also loved his only golden pet, calling him by different names, but more often than others – “Nemo”. One day, Tori and her husband were watching TV in the evening. She put her four-year-old son to bed after reading him a fairy tale. After a while, a noise was heard in the children’s room.

The mother looked into it, but saw a sleeping child in the dark as well and went out. Early in the morning, when she was going to the toilet, the woman noticed that the chair was pushed to the bedside table on which the aquarium was standing. Tori came closer, saw that there was no lid, and the backlight bulbs were floating in the water. When she didn’t find a fish in the water, she called her husband. Cory, after examining the room, found the pet in the hands of his sleeping son. When Everett woke up, his parents sternly asked him why he took the fish from the aquarium? The boy said he was scared in the dark.

And Nemo was alone too. At first he came up just to stroke a friend, and then decided that together they would not be so scared and took him to bed. The parents explained that Nemo had died now because the fish could not live without water. The terrible surprise upset the boy so much that he even cried. The son insisted that he did not want to kill his friend. The parents sincerely sympathized with their son’s grief. When the husband and wife explained to their son that fish cannot breathe without water and die, despite their young age, the boy understood everything.

He repeated after his parents that fish can be taken out of the water only when fishing, and if you get a fish out of the aquarium, it will die. Tori and Corey realized that the child had learned a serious lesson from life. They told Everett that they would definitely buy him a bigger aquarium and some goldfish for his birthday. When a woman posted her son’s story on a social network as a warning to other parents, she received thousands of likes and sympathetic offers to buy their son an aquarium with fish.

The family was touched by people’s sympathy. When the boy’s birthday came, the whole family moved to the pet store. There Everett chose the fish. In the store, water was poured into a plastic bag, fish were launched there and entrusted to the boy to carry them home himself. There, the family filled a new aquarium with water, and the son personally released fish into it.

There was no limit to his joy. Now he knows for sure that his new friends must definitely stay in the water. The child will forever remember the tragic lesson given to him by life. But it is better when parents have time to warn the baby so that he does not receive negative emotions.

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