The boy puts a note on the table – when the policeman reads it, he abruptly gets up and goes to him

It is believed that the police are harsh people who are not capable of positive emotions. Indeed, they often have to contact criminals in the service. But there are situations that amaze even seasoned police officers. Once in Lakeland, Florida, USA, nine-year-old Noah and his mother Amanda were having breakfast at Denny’s restaurant. A few tables away, police officer Eddie Benitez sat down for breakfast. The boy was worried.

He looked at the servant of the law with interest and seemed to want to say something. Mom knew that her son had been dreaming of becoming a policeman since the age of 5. She invited her son to come and talk to the law officer. The boy gladly agreed, but when he began to approach Eddie, he was shy and turned back. The policeman left. Seeing how upset my son was, my mother decided to help him a little. They found out from the waitress that the policeman has breakfast here every morning and made a whole plan.

Noah happily decided to participate in it, smiling, and the waitress supported him. At home, the woman gave her son money with which he planned to buy a gift for his upcoming birthday. The next morning, Mom and son were back at Denny’s. The policeman sat down at a table and made an order. Noah quietly rushed to the waitress. After that, the boy who wrote on a piece of paper and ran up to the policeman, put the note on the table and ran away to his mother.

Benitez was surprised, but when he read everything, he abruptly got up from the table and headed towards the boy. He thanked him and started the conversation. It turned out that Noah paid for the policeman’s order with his own money and wrote on the receipt with a pen: “I want to become like you. Thank you for your service. Noah.” The boy said that he would definitely be a policeman to detain bad guys. The mother explained that the son spent exactly the personal money that was intended for his birthday.

Eddie was touched and invited the boy to take a picture together. He gladly agreed. After that, the policeman shook his hand, wished him good luck and went to work. Eddie told this story to his colleagues and showed the note. Lakeland police officers were so moved that they shared a photo of Benitez with a wonderful boy on their Facebook page. The police officer told local media that now every morning he feels that he is not wearing a uniform for nothing and goes out to protect the law.

Then he added that he would try to always be an example for young guys, and he would always carry a note from a wonderful boy with him. Noah was happy to be photographed with a lawman. When he found out how Benitez’s colleagues treated him, he said that he would definitely be a policeman. Some felt that these were just the childhood dreams of a little boy.

Noah’s mom is sure that her child is serious. She also added that she would be happy if her son would put on a police uniform and stand up for the law. Sometimes the simplest actions of people make a greater impression than the broad gestures of the rich. Especially the pure aspirations of children, which make people around kinder and fairer. And then adults change along with them.

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