The cat rushes to the ward. When he sits on the patient’s bed, the staff calls the family.

We often have no idea what abilities ordinary pets can have. Do you think they can only bark or meow, ask for food and cheerfully welcome us back home? In fact, there are many amazing animals in the world that can really surprise us! This is a story about a cat named Deadly Oscar.

The animal was born in 2005, the last years he lived in the American city of Providence, Rhode Island, it is not known for sure if he is alive now, but his abilities still surprise people. The cat has quite an ordinary light color, and it is not the appearance that is its distinctive feature. This animal is truly unique!

This unusual cat is a real fortune teller! But not some animal predicting the score of the match or a friend’s stupidity. No, it’s much more serious… The cat lived in the Steere House medical facility, which is a nursing home. Elderly people who have nowhere else to go find their last refuge there. The cat got into a nursing home together with 5 other brothers from the shelter.

Doctors decided that animals can help cheer up patients. However, no one expected that the cat would have a very unusual gift… The animal wandered around the third floor of the institution, walking freely wherever it wanted. It can be said that he conducts his own examination of patients. Oscar is not a cute animal at all, which easily gives itself to be petted.

He is quite rude and hostile to the staff, but they still really appreciate the cat. And it is quite clear why… It’s like this cat feels death. Yes, yes, Oscar can tell which of the people is going to die soon! He walks among the patients, sniffing and looking for something. But if the animal approached someone and decided to stay, the staff knows for sure that this person does not have long left.

It’s amazing how the cat understands that the patient is going to die soon. But he’s never wrong! If Oscar just walks around the wards without lingering at the beds, the staff of the nursing home exhales with relief. But if a cat jumps on the windowsill by a person’s bed, climbs right into it or just lies on the rug next to it, then it’s bad.

It is unclear exactly what the cat is doing while being near the dying man, but it is immediately clear to the medical staff that the patient does not have long left. Oscar has already seen off more than 100 people on his last journey! It has been noticed that if the cat stays in the ward for a long time, then this is a sure sign of approaching death.

As a rule, the patient leaves within a few days after Oscar gives him special attention. It’s really amazing, but the fact remains! When Oscar makes it clear about the approach of death, patients begin to tell him about the life they have lived. The cat listens attentively to the person, as if understanding what awaits him.

A kind of confession certainly facilitates the patient’s care, in addition, he does not feel lonely in recent days. It is simply impossible to overestimate what the Deadly Oscar does! The relatives of the patients are very grateful to him for the fact that the cat was next to their loved one in the last minutes. The cat’s abilities have been tested more than once by the staff of the medical institution.

So, one of the doctors named David Dosa decided to put the animal on the bed of a man who was in a very serious condition. But Oscar absolutely did not want to be on the bed of this patient, constantly trying to escape. And there were reasons for that! As soon as the cat managed to escape from the ward, he immediately went to another one, which was at the end of the corridor. The patient lying there died a couple of hours later…

David published an article about the amazing abilities of the animal in a medical journal in 2007, and in 2010 wrote an entire book called “Rounds with Oscar: the extraordinary Gift of an ordinary cat.” In 2013, the fluffy predictor almost died from the effects of severe allergies. The entire staff of the nursing home was very worried about the cat, but he was saved.

We don’t know what Oscar feels or sees. Some believe that the animal feels the vibrations of death, others explain the behavior of the cat by the fact that he catches the smell of dying cells. In any case, this animal is truly unique!

And there are still many cats, dogs, horses and other pets in the world that have unusual abilities that we may not even suspect! Take a closer look at your pet, it is quite possible that he also has some kind of gift, you just don’t know which one yet!

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