The cat scratched the glass with her paws, she asked for help, as her kittens were freezing in the snow

Mothers of the animal world amaze with their dedication. They will never leave their children to die. When there is not enough of their own strength, they will definitely come to a person for help. And it is in our will to show true mercy. There is a small cafe on the outskirts of Labinsk, in the Krasnodar Territory. It was there that the story that I will tell you about today took place. The first mention of it appeared in 2019, but I do not know when exactly it happened.

Winter that year turned out to be surprisingly cold. Employees gathered at their workplaces early. There was an event planned in the cafe, and everything had to be prepared in advance. People went about their business, but soon strange sounds began to attract everyone. They came from the door leading into the courtyard. Something was creaking there. When the curious came closer, they saw an unexpected picture. There was a cat behind the transparent door, which was frantically trying to scratch the glass with its front paws.

When the claw hit the side panel, a scratching sound was heard. At the same time, she was howling at the top of her voice. The cafe staff was perplexed. At first they decided that the cat was very hungry and asked to eat. But she didn’t even touch the abandoned chicken paw. The cat was spinning between people, mewing hysterically, running to the door and back. Someone opened the door again. Then the animal quickly ran away a short distance, sat down and began to “scream” again.

The girl from the cafe tried to take the cat in her hands, but she broke away and sat down a little further. All this time she didn’t stop meowing. The owner, interested in the behavior of the animal and sent two young employees to follow him. When the cat saw that they were following her, she rushed towards the forest. At times she sat down, waiting for people to come closer. But as soon as they made an attempt to stretch out their hands to her, the cat took off and purposefully ran on.

When she made sure that people were following her constantly, the cat almost started running. The guys from the cafe also had to accelerate significantly. The guy and the girl had been running through the forest for several minutes when they saw that the cat stopped at some object. As they got closer, they noticed a parcel box that was securely sealed with duct tape. The cat ran around her, then began to scratch with its paws. The young people sat down next to each other. There was clearly something in the box and, it seems, even sounds were heard!

The guy tore off the tape and the astonished young people were greeted by newborn blind kittens. They occasionally squeaked, already clearly frozen and exhausted. The cat immediately jumped into the box and settled down to feed her babies. The guys rushed to the cafe, holding the valuable find in their hands. They understood the savage plan of the former owner – to slowly kill the kittens with cold. The cat would have died right there. The mother would never have left where her kittens were freezing in the snow.

At work, everyone came running to see who the guys had found. The owner of the cafe, seeing that the event was close to failure, ordered everyone to finally start working. After that, she put a soft cape from the chair in the box, then re-arranged the family. The woman put the new “house” closer to the battery. Then she poured milk into a saucer and went to the kitchen for pieces of meat.

The cat family was happy, they were warm and well fed. The fate of the cat and kittens is not known, but they clearly fell into good hands, and everything will be arranged. The forces of fate converged in such a way that people capable of compassion turned out to be on the path of the cat who came for help. When there are more of them among us, the world will become cleaner and kinder.

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