The Chinese suffered from headaches all his life. I thought it was a lack of sleep, but it turned out to be much worse.

If this incredible life story had formed the basis of a feature film, we simply would not have believed that it was based on real events. Xiao Chen, a 28-year-old resident of China from Shenzhen Province, has been suffering from severe headaches for many years. Migraines always started suddenly, lasted for many hours in a row.

The pain was very intense, constantly increasing over the years. Xiang Chen had been suffering from this terrible problem for as long as he could remember. The Chinese associated headache with lack of sleep, stress and other factors. Migraine did not allow the man to sleep, to live a full life. When the situation became simply unbearable, Xiang Chen decided to see a doctor.

The man was waiting for someone to help him, prescribe some medications. The Chinese hoped that doctors would be able to determine the cause of the headaches that tormented him throughout his life. That’s just the result of contacting specialists turned out to be a shock not only for Xiang Chen, but also for the doctors who examined him.

Doctors were able to find out the cause of the excruciating headaches that accompanied the Chinese all his life. Why do you think he suffered from migraines? Poor nutrition, congenital pathology, lack of certain vitamins or trace elements? You are unlikely to be able to answer this question, to solve the riddle of Xiang Chen’s strange headaches on your own…

The doctors examined the patient, but could not understand anything. After that, Chinese doctors decided to prescribe a magnetic resonance imaging procedure for the patient’s head. This study shows disorders in the structure of tissues, pathological processes. But the doctors saw something on the MRI that they did not expect to find there at all!

When the doctors examined the results of the study, they had a real shock! The doctors noticed that a very strange object was clearly visible on the MRI. Right in the Chinese man’s head, in the left half of his skull, there was something extraneous! When the doctors carefully examined the MRI results, they finally understood the cause of the patient’s unbearable pain!

They were surprised to find that there was an air rifle bullet in the patient’s head! Moreover, it turned out to be a metal, not a rubber object, most likely made of lead, since Xiang Chen’s MRI passed without any problems. Of course, the bullet caused unbearable suffering to the Chinese! And it is obvious that no pills in this case could help get rid of the pain.

The only wonder is how he could live with a bullet for many years? And even more interesting is the question: how did it get into Xiao Chen’s head? The Chinese remembered that as a child, his brother accidentally shot him with an air rifle. Then Xiao Chen was 8 years old. The boy did not feel much pain, so he did not tell his parents and ask for help.

In addition, he did not want to substitute his brother, who would definitely have been hit by the first number from adults. The wound was hidden behind the hair, so the parents did not find it. Over time, the Chinese forgot about the damage, which at first did not give him unpleasant sensations. But in fact, there was a foreign object in his head all this time!

The doctors told their unusual patient that he was very lucky to be alive. The bullet passed very close to the temple, but it did not penetrate the skull, did not touch the brain. The Chinese man was operated on, a metal object was removed from his head.

Now Xiao Chen has fully recovered, he has finally stopped suffering from terrible pain. Life is full of incredible stories that are hard to believe. But as practice shows, different things happen.

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