The cow refused to eat, but only wandered around with a restless look. Soon the farmers found out her secret.

Unfortunately, many of our lesser brothers on this planet are in a terrible situation. And even if you save an animal from death or poor living conditions, a negative experience can cause irreparable damage to its psyche.

This story took place on an unusual Australian farm, where our little brothers who were saved live. Animal rights organizations send unfortunate animals that lived in terrible conditions to picturesque pastures. The farm for dogs, pigs, cows, birds has everything for a happy animal life.

They move freely around the territory, enjoy a calm, carefree existence. One of these rescued animals is the cow Clarabel. Animal rights activists took her from a dairy farm. The cow not only lived in terrible conditions, but was also doomed to death. The owners of the farm were going to take Clarabel to the slaughterhouse because she brought little milk.

The cow was saved just a few hours before death! Animal rights activists learned the story of Clarabel and rushed to her aid! As a result, the cow was rescued and sent to a real paradise for animals. Clarabel was free to walk around the vast territory of her new home, but she was deeply traumatized by her former life.

The cow’s calves were always taken away from her, she was treated cruelly, so the animal could not recover for a long time. But Clarabel’s behavior was getting more and more strange every day… The farm staff began to notice that the cow stopped eating, behaved aloof and restless.

She was excitedly wandering around the pasture as if she was looking for something or hiding it. The farm staff watched the unusual behavior of the cow with apprehension, they could not understand what was happening. However, Clarabel had her own reasons to worry…

One day, the farm staff went on a tour of the pasture, where they found a very unusual find that explained the strange behavior of the cow. They found it in a field… a newborn calf! He was clean and dry, it was obvious that he was taken care of.

It turned out that animal rights activists rescued a pregnant cow that gave birth shortly after appearing on the farm. Since Clarabel had always had her babies taken away from her before, she was worried about how to save her calf. She was worried that her cub could not be taken away, as it happened earlier.

Therefore, Clarabel found a secluded quiet place in which she gave birth to a calf. The cow had to hide her baby from the others, which is why she was so strange. She tried her best not to draw attention to the calf, was very restless and scared. And she managed to hide her baby for several days!

The behavior of Clarabel was explained by the employees of the Peta animal protection organization. It turns out that cows are very attached to their calves, it is very stressful for them to be separated from their children. Animals continue to search for their babies for a long time, they are very sad without them.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Clarabel suffered from the realization that the newborn calf would be taken away from her again. Fortunately, a new resident of a beautiful farm in Australia is very lucky. No one was going to separate her from her baby. They have created all the conditions for a calm, happy existence together.

This is how it should be in our world – mothers together with their cubs live their lives in a measured way. We rarely think about how hard it is for animals on farms to be separated from their babies, although this happens in every such institution.

Cows are strongly attached to calves, they experience grief when they are taken away from them forever. But it is insanely pleasing that there are such wonderful places in the world as this amazing farm in Australia, where Clarabel and her calf live happily.

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