The daughter wrote messages to her deceased father every day, and 4 years later she received an answer…

Fate, sometimes, “plays” people in an amazing way. To save a person in grief from madness or rash actions, she holds out to him an unexpected thread of hope – the opportunity to change his future. The Patterson family, consisting of 13 children, lived in a small town in Arkansas. Divorced from her father, the woman pulled all the children alone. She had to work from morning to night. A real “outlet” and joy for all children was the opportunity to go to the local ice rink for free.

His manager has made the sports institution a real second home for all the children who come. He taught children to skate, organized sections and competitions, allowed parents to arrange children’s birthday parties, bought sweets for children. The Pattersons, including the elder Chastity, also became attached to him. She cried next to him and shared everything that happened in her life, the man in turn never missed her school dances, graduation and games. She also introduced him to her boys and listened to his opinion.

He did not advise to communicate with some of them. With others, he taught correct behavior. He was a real father to her. Chastity grew up and went to college, but continued to bring her siblings to the ice rink and chat with the man who replaced her father. But on October 25, 2015, a tragedy occurred and their named father, Jason Lygons, crashed his car. It was a terrible blow for all the children. But most of all she was worried about the loss of Chastity at one point there was no person who supported her in all the most important moments of her life.

Shortly after the funeral, the girl was looking through her phone and found Jason’s number. She called it, hoping for who knows what, but, of course, no one answered. Unexpectedly, she sent him a voice message. Something turned in her soul, and the girl began to send SMS messages to her father with stories about all the important events taking place in her life. It was 1-2 times a week. But she greeted each day at exactly 10.30 am. Her messages usually began with the words: “Hi Dad, it’s me” So the daughter sent messages to the deceased father for 4 years.

On the eve of the fourth anniversary of her death, she wrote a detailed “letter” to end further “correspondence”. Chastity reported on graduation, successful removal of the tumor and parting with the previous boyfriend. She even joked that “you’d kill him for that.” She also shared her unfulfilled dreams that her father would definitely walk her down the aisle. “I’m doing great, you’d be so proud of the woman I’ve become,” Chastity wrote. At the end she added: “I just wanted to say that I love you and miss you very much!”.

After sending a long message on the phone, the answer soon rang. The girl’s heart stopped. An unknown man named Brad wrote to her, who told his story. In 2014, his only daughter died in a car accident. He lost his wife even earlier. Devastated by terrible grief, in 2015 he acquired a new phone number to break up with friends and acquaintances. Soon Chastity’s text messages started coming to him. The man read them and realized that the young girl had lost her father, while he had lost his daughter. He didn’t dare answer for fear of scaring Chastity.

But he read her text messages for all four years, imagining how his daughter could write. The girl became a member of his family, almost a daughter, for whom he was happy and upset, worried or proud. He admitted that it was these SMS messages that saved his life. “When you write to me, I know that this is a message from God. He gave me you, my little angel. I would like my daughter to grow up like you,” the man wrote. Stunned by the message, Chastity told about it on her Facebook page and posted a screenshot.

Later, she said that she talked to the man on the phone. Judging by his voice, he was already over 50. They shared their grief with each other. After the publication, a flurry of messages fell on Chastity’s page. People were amazed at how mysterious ways God connects people and gives them comfort. Others called her crazy, writing to a stranger for 4 years. They said it was because she had a bad relationship with her parents. The girl was surprised, but replied that she was in a normal relationship with her mother and biological father. Although he is fond of psychotropic substances.

Today Chastity worries that journalists and talk show hosts can get to Brad at a time when he is not yet ready for broad communication. She realized that a sign had been given to her from above – to let go of her longing for her father, but to help a living person who had lost his daughter come back to life. Amazing threads of fate connected two people destitute by the grief of loss. And each of them found timid aspirations for the future. And Jason Lygons once again proved that the real father is the one who brought up and experienced all the best and worst moments with the child.

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