The day after the family rescued this octopus, he came back to thank them!

A person most often understands what to expect from pets, has roughly studied the habits of wild animals. But we are not at all interested in the behavior of animals such as mollusks. And this story proves that it is very vain, because even an ordinary octopus can surprise us a lot! This unusual case happened to one family in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Tourists were walking along the Red Sea coast when they suddenly saw an octopus thrown out of the water. The mollusk could not independently return to its natural habitat, which was equivalent to death for it. The family felt sorry for the poor man who was literally dying on the seashore. People rushed to the aid of the unfortunate animal.

They gently pushed him back into the sea so that he could recover. Tourists did not hope for anything at all, realizing that they would hardly ever meet an octopus again. They just helped Tom survive, showed compassion, humanity. The octopus, after falling into the water, immediately came to his senses, swam away very quickly.

But what was the surprise of the vacationers when they went to their favorite deserted beach the next day. Tourists were walking along a familiar shore when suddenly their attention was attracted by a shadow in the water. Something was rapidly approaching a family vacationing in Egypt. When they saw a familiar octopus, they just couldn’t believe their eyes!

The same clam that they helped yesterday at the same place swam up to the people! He was rapidly approaching, looking for contact with people. The octopus recognized his rescuers! But that’s not all! The mollusk not only recognized the people, but also thanked them for saving them! Of course, the animal did it in its own way, the way it could. He did not send them postcards for the holidays, did not say thanks, did not wave his tentacles.

But the octopus did its best to express its appreciation. The mollusk approached the people, began to swim around them in circles, constantly trying to touch their feet. The octopus accompanied the people who walked along the shore for a long time. The family is sure that the clam has returned to thank them. How else can we perceive his behavior?

And it really makes sense. After all, scientists have found out that octopuses have emotional intelligence. They believe that shellfish can recognize people’s faces, even get attached to a person. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the octopus was able to recognize those who helped him, to try to thank the rescuers in ways available to the animal.

Interestingly, the emotional intelligence of octopuses was thoroughly studied in a special study conducted by Peter Godfrey-Smith. He published an article in a scientific journal in which there were these words: “They are most like intelligent aliens.” According to the scientist, octopuses can distinguish people in the same clothes, play with objects, even get angry.

Meeting with a grateful marine animal greatly influenced the family of tourists. They were surprised by the behavior of the mollusk, which was even given a name – Kurt. After the animal so touchingly and unusually thanked people for saving, they decided never to eat octopuses again. Surely each of us would have done the same in their place.

Do not forget that humans are only one of the species of living beings existing on the planet. There are different animals living next to us, which also have feelings, intelligence, and the ability to be grateful. It is necessary to respect any life, because we did not create it, so it is not for us to destroy it.

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