The doctor pretended to be homeless and came to his clinic. How his doctors treated him shocked him

Surely you have heard quite a few stories about doctors about their good and bad deeds. Today is just one of those stories. Mr. Louis was a very important man, the owner of a network of very successful and prestigious clinics. He lived a long life, but in his old age he was diagnosed with cancer. After learning about the imminent death, the man decided to spend his last days helping those who deserve it.

The doctor has always been a strange person and loved to do extraordinary things, and now nothing could stop him, since he did not have long left, and he definitely wanted to carry out his plans. True to his style, he decided to come to one of his central clinics, disguised as a tramp, with requests for help.

He entered the hospital and asked to be examined as soon as possible, but a very angry nurse blocked his way. Only when she saw him, she began to call the guards and resent how they could let such a beggar inside, probably penniless. The guard began to push the old man to the door and tell him to leave the clinic.

But the man refused to leave, saying: “I feel very bad. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe anymore. Please, I need to see a doctor.” But the evil nurse who also accompanied them shouted at the tramp: “this is a very expensive clinic, only the most affluent people of the country come here for an appointment. Go away, don’t scare away our customers.” “But something terrible could happen to me,” Louis shouted, disappointed.

“Well, well, we don’t need people like you, get out,” the angry nurse replied. Mr. Louis wanted to stay longer to see if someone else from the staff would protect him. When they were approached by a passing doctor on duty, who was a good friend of Louis, he thought: “Everything will be fine now.” But what he said upset him even more. “What is it?” the doctor asked.

The nurse explained to him everything that had happened, and the doctor, looking at the tramp with contempt, said: “I studied at the best university not to examine such ragamuffins like you, go to the state hospital, the level of doctors there just corresponds to your status” At this time, the second guard came up and the two of them Louis was literally thrown out of his own hospital.

An elderly man sat down on the ground and burst into tears from the cruelty he had to face. Still believing in his employees, he went to another clinic, which was also located in a prestigious area of the city. But the guards immediately took him out of there, as soon as he tried to enter. Louis, very upset, tried to understand what he had done wrong, that people he knew from the best side were behaving so badly with a simple old man asking for help.

Louis was very disappointed, he made a huge fortune, created a network of clinics, but he had no one to leave it all to. He was afraid that if he left everything to charitable foundations, they would destroy his life’s work. He would have preferred to leave everything to a reliable person who could be trusted, but he had no children or other relatives.

Perhaps everything would have been different, but the love of his life died when he was still 35 years old, since then he has devoted his whole life to work and science, trying to help people. Remembering how it all started, he thought about his smallest clinic. It was his first clinic, with which he had many pleasant memories, it was there that he met his wife, who passed away so early.

The clinic was located in a neighboring town, and despite the long journey, Louis went there. It was an old building, it was practically not repaired. The clinic was run by an old friend of Louis, he hired him as a green student, but he proved himself well as a doctor and manager. “Fernando will definitely not let me down, I’ll leave everything to him,” Luis thought to himself as he drove to the clinic.

But as soon as he entered the hospital and approached his friend, he fastidiously examined the tramp and shouted: “What are you doing here, dirty old man? Get out of here, it’s impossible to look at you.” Louis literally froze in place, he could not understand what was happening, and replied: “Don’t kick me out, my heart is pounding wildly, I can’t breathe. If you don’t accept me, I will surely die. You have a good heart, I’m sure.”

“You know, it would be better for everyone if you were gone, you, like the owner of this clinic, are the same nasty old man. He prevents us from making money, forbidding us to raise prices in my clinic, and you prevent us from working, it would be faster for both of you to die, get out or I’ll help you now,” Fernando shouted. Mr. Louis couldn’t believe what he heard, tears were streaming down his face, he fell to his knees in the street.

All his life he was deceived, kindly communicated with him, and just hated him behind his back. It was terrible. But at that moment a nurse came out of the clinic. She looked into his eyes and said: “Are you all right? Come with me, I’ll take a look at you.” Louis couldn’t believe that someone had taken pity on him. “Why are you helping me?” The nurse looked around and said, “If my boss sees us, he will kick us out of the clinic.

I went to medical school to help people, not just to earn money. I want to be a good doctor, and you can become a good doctor by helping people in any situation, without even expecting anything in return.” Louis was delighted with her words and asked: “So, are you studying to be a doctor?”. No, the girl answered, I’m not studying to be a doctor yet, I have no money. I just finished studying to be a nurse.

But I dream of saving up money to become a doctor someday, even if it takes a long time.” The girl told Louis to come back the next day in the evening, when she would be alone and would be able to check him with the equipment. The girl heard that the man was breathing strangely, and understood that it was impossible to do without a normal diagnosis here.

She gave him medications that were supposed to ease his condition until the next day. The girl hugged the old tramp goodbye, as it was time for her to go, and said: “my name is Natalia, I’m waiting for you tomorrow.” Louis went home, he was shocked by what he had to go through that day. He called all the main doctors from the clinics and said that tomorrow there would be an urgent meeting of all the staff at his house.

This house was huge, and everyone could fit in there. He said that at the meeting he would announce his last will and name the heir of his clinics. All the doctors and nurses arrived at the scene, everyone was looking forward to what the old man would say. The doctors rubbed their hands, hoping that they would choose them, but when they entered the house, they saw a poor old man who had previously come to their clinics.

The man removed the fake beard and mustache in front of their eyes, and then washed his face. He said, “You know, I was that beggar who came to you. I wanted to find someone to whom I can leave a legacy, but you disappointed me. My hospitals should help people, our job is to save lives, even though my clinics are paid, you all know the unspoken rule that I informed you about when applying for a job – if a person is ill in our clinic, then you should provide immediate help, and only then think about paying.

At this moment, some doctors whispered – “the old man is completely crazy,” “yes, he himself followed his rule at least once.” After a little grumbling, the medical staff fell silent. Mr. Louis announced that his heir would be Natalia, the only one who helped him. He left her to run the entire network of clinics, and with the inherited money she could pay for her studies. To help her, the man left the best doctors, whom he personally selected. Natalia couldn’t believe what had happened, her life had changed.

The girl was a single mother who worked hard to feed her child. Natalia moved into Louis’ huge house, took care of him like her own father, and he, in turn, taught her all this time to run a business so that the clinics would bring as much benefit to people as possible, but at the same time they were commercially successful. So Louis lived for another six months and dying was really happy, because he found a real family.

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