The doctors did not know how to help the little boy, but when the dog lay down next to him, a miracle happened

The energy connection between a person and a dog can be so strong that it will push him to unexpected results with an unprecedented impulse. The story I’m going to tell you today is hard to believe, but nevertheless it is real. On Highway 89 in Layton, Utah, USA, there was a terrible accident. Janine Howard was driving in a car with four children when the deranged driver from the oncoming lane crossed the dividing strip and crashed into the car head-on.

Only sister Rachel, 13, and her brother Caleb, 7, survived the accident. The boy’s situation was terrible. He suffered multiple fractures and a serious traumatic brain injury. At the Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, he was lying in the intensive care unit, all wrapped up in wires. The attending physician warned his father and grandmother that even if the boy wakes up, he will never be the same. Caleb really came to his senses.

He didn’t remember anything. The little boy was horrified by the unexpected and incomprehensible transition from a normal healthy life to a hospital ward. He was in deep shock and was waiting for his mother. His family could not tell him the truth, and he lay indifferent to everything and the recovery almost stopped. The boy’s inconsolable father, Ben, was ready to do anything to help his son, and the doctors did not know what to do to improve the child’s condition. But after a while, Caleb’s doctor asked his father an unexpected question: “Does your son like dogs?”.

The father was surprised, but replied that yes. Then the doctor offered him an unexpected idea that could improve the boy’s condition. Ben was skeptical about the offer internally, but decided that he would not miss even the slightest chance to make his son feel better. After a while, an amazing golden retriever named Colonel was brought to the boy’s room. It was a therapeutic dog specially trained to communicate with sick people.

She came with her supervisor Susan Danes. When the Colonel clumsily stomped through the room, the boy showed signs of interest in life for the first time. He followed the handsome red-haired man who came to visit him. The nurse stroked the dog with Caleb’s hand and saw the child’s jaw drop. He tried to say something! The father noticed this, and for the first time he had a timid hope that his son would return to his former state.

Then the doctors began to lay the dog next to Caleb and stroke the fur with his hand every day. Gradually, a real miracle began to happen! At first, the boy wiggled his fingers and managed to unclench them to stroke his furry friend. Then he was able to bend his arm at the elbow. He turned his neck to follow the Colonel. Whispered the first words. During the following procedures, the Physiotherapist started throwing the ball to the Colonel. Caleb was seated with support so he could see the game.

After a while, they started trying to give the ball to the boy. And so he was able to throw it himself. Only a month passed, and the boy began not only to talk, but also to walk. The colonel became an anchor of normal life in a frightening hospital environment for the baby. Instead of new painful procedures, the boy just played ball with the dog and no longer felt like a patient. Like any person, after a serious injury, Caleb needed a bright motivation for life, and he got it!

Before the Colonel came to the boy, he already had several rescued people who had returned to normal life. The therapeutic dog is trained to respond correctly to the environment and people of different natures. She is able to adjust the interaction at the energy level, so she finds contact with any patient. The colonel was trained by another family, in which a dog put a child paralyzed after swimming on his feet.

After that, they devoted their lives to raising therapy dogs from puppies. Some people find the idea of canister therapy too simple. But it is precisely in this simplicity that its main strength lies. Communication with people can be different. Contact with a therapeutic dog is always a joy. Because such animals are just happy to have a new best friend and this, on a subconscious, energetic level, gives joy and an impulse to the health of patients.

The unique connection between the golden retriever and Caleb showed what healing power a dog can have in a person’s life. The father took the child from the hospital cured not only physically, but also psychologically. They, of course, will get such a dog at home. The selfless love of animals works real miracles! People are obliged to appreciate and love their pets, who give them a lot of positivity and great joy of life.

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