The dog is waiting for the postman, and when he arrives, something incredible happens!

Some dogs don’t get along with postmen. And we told about one case where a postal worker mocked a poor animal. But this story is different and it will definitely surprise you. Mus is a one and a half year old golden retriever, a happy dog who lives with his loving family in Michigan, USA. The owners adore him, and he reciprocates them, but in the dog’s life, another person suddenly appeared to whom he was imbued with feelings!

It all started when a postman was first assigned to take letters to the house where Mus lives. The dog, sensing the approach of an unfamiliar car, rushed as fast as he could to the front door, hoping to make a new friend. He immediately felt the friendliness of the postman, and began to jump on him to express all his tenderness and happiness. Instinct did not let the dog down, the postman reciprocated, he hugged the animal in a friendly way and began to stroke him. Undoubtedly, the dog wanted to hug the postman and express his affection to him.

It is clear that this feeling turned out to be mutual, as if there was a special bond between them. The hostess Musa Megan said: “It was very nice, I really liked that he treated my pet so well, and how happy Mus was during this greeting.” Now, every time the postman arrives, Moose is waiting at the door to greet him warmly. It has become a tradition for both. Any person will undoubtedly be pleased when he is greeted with such love by a furry friend, wagging his tail.

Undoubtedly, this touches the heart of the postman very much. Megan decided to find out more about the man and found out that his dog died shortly before they met Moose, so the retriever helped him survive this loss. Now this postman, whose job is to deliver letters to homes, gets something special every time he comes to Musa’s house.

It’s like extra motivation and encouragement for him. Megan said: “If only it had lasted for many years, and he remained our postman until his retirement. It would be very funny to watch their friendship all this time.” This touching story shows us once again that dogs are able to feel something that we cannot see. In addition, they demonstrate the main thing that we need – love and support.

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