The elephant who had been digging a hole for 11 hours finally pulled out something that no one expected…

Animal behavior is often unpredictable and not always understandable to humans. But this does not mean that there is no sense in their actions… This incredible story happened in 2015 in the northeast of India. A herd of elephants traveled through the Chatra district, for the inhabitants of which large beautiful animals were not unusual.

But one individual still managed to attract the attention of a small Indian village… An impressive crowd of locals gathered around the animal, which strayed from the herd and behaved very strangely… The elephant was extremely agitated, and no one could understand the reason for his unusual condition and behavior.

The animal stopped in the middle of a muddy field, stuck its trunk into the soil and began to dig intensively. The elephant aroused the interest of local residents who knew the habits of this species well, and therefore were greatly surprised by such strange behavior. The animal was all alone, which was already unusual. Moreover, the elephant was continuously digging a hole.

No one could understand what the animal was doing. Locals noticed that the individual was injured. Elephants in this position can be dangerous, so you need to behave with them as carefully as possible. The villagers wanted to understand what was going on, but were afraid to approach the animal. There was clearly something wrong with him. Meanwhile, the elephant continued to dig…

The animal was clearly trying to extract something from the muddy ground. The elephant worked very fast, burying his trunk in the ditch and focusing on the hind limbs. The animal has been digging for several hours! It was very tired, but only occasionally allowed itself to rest a little. And then the elephant started his work with renewed vigor!

Just what did such a persistent animal need in this mud? The locals decided to approach the pit to understand what was going on there. One daredevil named Jitendra Tiwari began to slowly approach the animal. Seeing the man, the elephant was not happy about him at all.

The animal was angry, tired and scared, it made it clear that Jitendra needed to leave. The man did not annoy the elephant, but decided not to give up. He and the rest of the villagers came up with a plan to distract the beast to explore the hole. Jitendra and his friends drove a truck full of food.

The elephant has not eaten anything for a very long time, besides, he was very tired, so it was a great idea to attract him with delicious fruits. The animal began to eat, and the locals meanwhile began to study the pit… What they saw in the ditch was simply amazing! No one expected that there would be a living being in the pit…

It turned out that the elephant had been trying to dig up her cub for several hours in a row! The baby elephant fell into the pit, and his mother could not get him out! The locals were shocked by what they saw, but did not understand how to help the cub. Obviously, the elephant would not allow people to get the baby out of the trap.

Then the villagers came up with a cunning plan. They distracted the elephant with bananas, taking her to a safe distance. During the absence of the animal, people cleared the pit, removed the sand so that it would be easier for mom to get to the baby. The elephant returned to the pit with the cub and continued to dig.

Now it was much easier for her to cope with the task. Previously, she just pushed the dirt back into the ditch, burying the baby even deeper. But after the help of local residents, the elephant still managed to get her cub! After 11 hours, mom rescued a dirty, exhausted, but alive baby from the pit!

She wrapped her trunk around the rescued baby elephant, took him to a safe place away from the crowd and the shifting mud. Locals were happy to watch the rescue of an animal whose life was on the line! Mom and baby were walking off into the sunset, cute intertwining their trunks. Finally, the elephant was able to exhale, calm down and stop worrying about her cub.

For sure, he will now receive especially close attention from his mother. Elephants are one of the smartest animals in the world. They live in groups, constantly supporting weaker or distressed individuals. These beautiful animals sometimes show more compassion than some people.

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