The father gave his son a bottle of whiskey for every birthday. After 28 years, the son thought about buying a house

Sometimes it takes years for children to understand the extravagant actions of their parents. But in the end it always becomes clear that they were right. A curious story has emerged in Somerset in the south of England. The main character of it can be called the head of the ABR food processing group, Matthew Robson. His father, Pete, from the boy’s first birthday for the past 28 years, gave his son an 18-year-old single malt whiskey from the same company for every birthday.

At first, the father gave such a “gift” to his older brother, and continued the tradition on Pete and his younger daughter. At first glance, very ambiguous and even objectionable offerings, especially for children. But the father had his own reason for such a choice. Initially, the father planned to give each of the children 18 bottles for their 18th birthday. The desire is certainly strange, but he regularly adhered to his plan.

At the same time, he set one condition – it was impossible to open these bottles or drink their contents until adulthood. But one day he missed a year in the purchase and then spent months searching for the right bottle. At the same time, he had to pay almost 2 times more. Pete realized that the selected whiskey was a very good investment and continued his strange tradition after his son’s 18th birthday. And Matthew, in turn, kept this whiskey and did not open it even after coming of age.

For the purchase of 28 bottles, the father spent a total of about 5 thousand pounds (which is about six and a half thousand dollars). But the modern estimate of the value of an already solid collection exceeds 40 thousand pounds, it is more than 50 thousand dollars or more than three and a half million rubles. And this means that the son remained in a significant profit.

Pete also emphasizes that he was sure to give the children, in addition to the bottle, gifts appropriate to their age. Matthew doesn’t drink alcohol. But for him, the collection opened up new practical “horizons”. He put up rare bottles in excellent condition for sale. The collection is sold by a special whiskey broker. Since the first releases of this alcohol, its branding has changed significantly, which is clearly seen in the “formation” of twenty-eight bottles.

For all the time working in sales, the broker has never seen such a complete set of different years. Matthew hopes that the collection, where each bottle is in its original box and in perfect condition, will be appreciated. One of the foreign buyers is already ready to pay about 55 thousand dollars. If a higher bid is not offered soon, the sale will be completed. As for the young man’s plans, he hopes that his father’s collection of gifts will help him buy a house.

The Robsons live in Taunton, where the average house price is more than 200 thousand pounds. According to Matthew’s calculations, without selling the whiskey collection at a modern price, he could dream of buying a house for many years to come. He has investments in stocks, but the high collectible value of whiskey gives reason to think about expanding his investment plans.

Matthew decided to save a small part of his earnings every month in order to also create a collection for his future children. Surprisingly, the most unexpected and strange investments can be successful. You just need to be attentive and teach your children the same.

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