The girl loses consciousness at the end of the race. But pay attention to who is running right behind her.

Sports competitions are always tough and exhausting, they require a person to have excellent health, excellent physical shape. But even with all this, an athlete is not immune from emergencies during competitions. This story happened a few years ago in the USA at a cross-country competition among students of various higher educational institutions ACC Women’s Cross Country Championship.

The heroine of the story, Boston College student Madeleine Adams, has been preparing for many months to participate in cross-country steeplechase. The girl won the last two competitions, so she was completely confident in herself. She started the race with a goal and this time to take the gold!

But instead she got an incredible new experience that enriched her life… So, the race was going great, Madeleine coped with the task perfectly, kept a high pace. But you need to understand that cross-country is an exhausting sport, besides, unexpected events often occur during competitions. Madeleine got off to a very good start, but an unexpected thing happened a few hundred meters before the finish…

The girl began to feel very tired and stressed, which negatively affected the body. The closer the finish was, the harder it became for the athlete to run. Madeleine herself said about the race: “I’ve been running all my life. I did it incredibly well. But when I started climbing this hill to the finish line, I felt very tired.

And then suddenly a wave came over me. I lost control of my body.” Suddenly Madeleine loses consciousness right on the treadmill! Numerous spectators and participants of the competition could see how the girl fell hundreds of meters from the finish line. Adams doesn’t remember how it happened. She woke up quickly, tried to regain her balance, but to no avail.

Madeleine could not continue the race on her own. But then something incredible happened! Some athletes overtook the girl, heading to the finish line. But suddenly a contestant running after Madeleine approached the fallen student and tried to pick her up! It was incredibly touching!

After all, the athlete did not run past, as many others did, but missed the chance to take a high place to help someone who was in trouble. However, she was never able to lift the staggering Madeleine, who was clearly very ill. After the race, Adams was under the supervision of doctors who provided her with the necessary care for a long time. But the story didn’t end there!

Another contestant came to the rescue of Evie! It was Rachel Pease from Louisville. She took Madeleine’s other arm so that she could reach the finish line. Two girls shared the load, which made it possible to cope with the task! Soon, doctors arrived to help Madeleine. After the competition, the girl admitted that the distance was very difficult for her. But she added that she would never forget this race!

The way two girls from other teams sacrificed their victory for her is simply stunning! Madeleine noticed: “The race didn’t end so well for me in terms of results, but I got much more than a good place in the competition. I’ve grown as a person! And this is thanks to two wonderful girls who helped me. Absolutely selfless and amazing people with an amazing character!”.

Footage from these competitions quickly went viral, millions of people saw them! It seems that we all lack such kind and touching events in life! Sport is not just about hard training and competition. Even in such a tough environment, there is a place for humanity and wonderful deeds that are remembered much more than any victories.

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