The guy ate a slug on a bet and fell into a coma. The Tragic Story of Sam Ballard

Sometimes thoughtless stupid actions lead to terrible consequences. Even a stupid argument with friends can cause irreversible events… This tragic story happened to an ordinary guy named Sam Bollard in 2010. The handsome Australian was actively involved in sports, was the soul of the company, loved to fool around. In short, at the age of 19, he was a young guy who thoroughly enjoyed his life. But everything changed one terrible day…

Sam and his friends were spending time at a party. The guys were drinking and joking, egging each other on. The guys were resting in the courtyard of the house. There they noticed a nasty slug. He was very big and unpleasant to look at. Friends started joking that no one would have the courage to eat it. Why they came up with this stupid idea is completely incomprehensible. Except Sam said right away:

“I can do it!”. It was a fatal mistake of the guy, which cost him very dearly… Sam caught a slug and actually ate it. The guy won the argument with his friends, but it cost him too much… Almost immediately after the “meal” the Australian felt very bad. At first it was a slight malaise, but then there was an acute pain in the leg. Sam’s condition was rapidly deteriorating.

That’s just no one could connect it with eating a slug. Sam’s mother sent her son to the doctors. They examined the guy, but found nothing. They didn’t find any diseases! Meanwhile, Sam was getting worse. And as a result, doctors were able to solve the riddle of the sharp deterioration of the Australian’s condition. It turned out that the whole thing was in the eaten slug, which was infected with the dangerous parasite Angiostrongylus cantonensis, which causes angiostrongylosis.

Because of a stupid argument, a young guy started brain damage! Angiostrongylus cantonensis is a dangerous parasite that provokes serious disorders in the central nervous system, causes paralysis and death. After the doctors diagnosed Sam, he fell into a coma. The guy’s mother was just in shock. Friends just couldn’t believe that this was really happening!

Because of the slug, Sam spent more than a year in a coma. When he came to, he was paralyzed! The guy was unable to eat on his own, required constant care. Sam understood what he was being told, but he couldn’t react. One of the guy’s friends felt acute guilt for what had happened, so he asked for forgiveness from the paralyzed man. After that, Sam started crying!

There, the surrounding people realized that the guy understands everything. It’s just that he was trapped in his own body because of an illness. Sam spent many years in hospitals, struggling with a terrible illness. To pay for the treatment of her son, the mother of the unfortunate man conducted various charitable collections, collected donations. But all that years of hard training, intense struggle and therapy have managed to achieve are minor movements in the limbs.

Sam’s mom was always there for her son, trying to help him in every possible way. There were also his friends around the unfortunate man, who took turns on duty in his ward. At the same time, being next to a once cheerful young guy, who was now all entangled in wires, looked very exhausted and sick, was a great test. Sam’s life ended in 2018 in the hospital.

Next to him were his close friends and his mother, to whom his son said his last words. Before his death, Sam confessed his love for this steadfast woman, who had to go through so many years of struggle and the death of her son. That’s how a terrible accident destroyed the fate of a young handsome guy. Life is a very fragile thing that needs to be treated with awe and respect, it’s a pity that we don’t always remember this.

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