The guy yelled at the harmful cat, who did not let him sleep, but it turned out he saved his life

Pets often help their owners and, they say, even save. One of these stories, which has been walking on the web for a long time, I will tell in today’s video. Further from the words of the hero. “All my life I have not treated cats very much. There is no sense in the apartment from them, and there is plenty of wool and cleaning, besides, it is necessary to feed. But my sister is a cat person. This time she had a gorgeous red cat. Of course, it was nice to pat him on his soft fur. But I did not imagine cleaning for such a shaggy man.

And recently my sister calls me and says that she is being sent for an internship for two weeks in another city. Then he asks to stay with her to keep an eye on her red-haired little animal. I’m trying to get out of it, I suggested that she put the cat in a hotel. The sister is in tears, says the cat will get stress there, will get sick. Don’t you feel sorry for him?”. Deciding that I could put up with a couple of weeks for the sake of teaching my sister, I agreed. The days went by. I fed, cleaned, fed again. And he marked every day he experienced in his calendar.

The cat usually moved from the kitchen to the hallway and toilet. He didn’t come to me, but slept on the doormat by the door. And finally, my “term” went to the second week. This morning I barely got out of bed and realized that I was sick. My head ached, my nose was completely clogged. It was good that it was a day off, and I didn’t have to go to work. I crawled to the pharmacy with difficulty, then took everything and collapsed on the sofa. The cat this time came into the room and sat down next to me. He allowed himself to be petted and even purred. So the whole day passed.

Before going to bed, I drank hot tea and went to bed. In the middle of the night, a cat suddenly screamed. I, not understanding the way, rushed into the kitchen, fearing that something had fallen on the cat. I look – intact. thank god! The feeder is empty. He poured food. I dragged myself to bed. Just started to fall asleep – again howling from the kitchen. Staggering from side to side, he went into the kitchen. The food in the bowl was untouched. The cat continued to yell. Unable to stand it, I started shouting and stamping my feet on the harmful animal. He hid under the table and fell silent.

I closed the kitchen door and went back to sleep. But it didn’t end there. I heard scratching. Vredina opened the door and moved into the room. This time his screams sounded more hoarse. Seeing that I got up, the cat trudged to the kitchen, not ceasing to howl softly. I opened the door – a sharp smell of gas smelled in my face! I ran up to the stove and saw that one of the burners was not completely closed! Apparently, having got used to electricity in my apartment, I negligently did not close the gas here.

If it weren’t for this red cat, two corpses would be lying in the apartment by morning! And the apartment itself, most likely, would have exploded by morning! My adrenaline-fueled illness had receded somewhere, and my thoughts were working soundly in my head. The cat was silent for something, and I turned around to see where he had gone. It turned out that he was lying with his muzzle buried in his paws and did not move. I realized with horror that my savior had poisoned himself while sitting in the kitchen behind the closed door. And only with the last of his strength he hobbled to the room to try to save me one last time.

From somewhere, the second speed turned on. I pulled the cat out onto the balcony and opened the sash. It was minus 18 outside the window. After a few minutes he felt better. I dragged him into the bathroom, moistened his head with cool water and laid him on the sofa. After that, with shaking hands, I dialed the phone of the veterinary clinic. In general, everything ended well. I told my sister how her cat saved not only the apartment, but also me. And now, when I come to visit her, I definitely grab a piece of turkey.

He loves her very much.”. I don’t know if this story is true, but such cases actually happen. So in 2019, in Kaluga, a Scottish cat named Bonya saved a family from gas poisoning, who took an animal to her for a while, she felt a gas leak at night and raised everyone to their feet with her heart-rending meow. If not for the cat taken for temporary residence, the family could have been poisoned in their sleep. You should definitely listen to animals, they often behave strangely when they want to warn about something, and sometimes this is quite a serious threat.

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