The homeless man sat by the road for 3 years until the woman asked why he was here, the answer struck her

Homeless people often need help, but they are shy or unable to ask for it. But, fortunately, there are people who cannot pass by and thanks to them a person gets a second chance. In Webster, Texas, a homeless man sat by the roadside for three years. Whether it was hot, cold or raining, he was “on duty” all the time. Locals, driving by, grumbled that an untidy tramp “stuck” to this place and spoils the whole “landscape”. Although in fact, what could be spoiled by the road!

Everyone passing by complained that the authorities had not yet removed the homeless person to the proper place. Everything changed when Ginger Sprouse’s car stopped next to him. She and her husband Dean ran a local culinary school, The Art of Food. The woman rolled down the window and asked what he was doing here? In response, she learned an amazing story and made a decision that changed the tramp’s life forever. The young man’s name was Victor Hubbard, 32 years old.

It became clear from the conversation that he was suffering from a mental illness. The reason he was sitting in one place amazed the Sprouse family. It turned out that here he saw his mother for the last time and then “got lost”. The woman, apparently, just left her son and left. Victor said that he was waiting for his mother where she left him and knew that she would return. Hearing the story, Ginger felt a huge pity. It was late autumn, and she clearly imagined what was waiting for Victor in the coming months. She began to come to the man during lunch to bring food.

Then they talked with her husband and allowed Victor to come to their house when he wanted to eat or it would be too cold outside. On this, the Sprouse family did not abandon the sick person. They took him off the street, helped him undergo psychiatric treatment and got him to work in their restaurant. They invited doctors to the house to prescribe a course of treatment. On her Facebook page, the woman dedicated an entire page to Victor, occupied with his photos and history.

Many people were shocked by the man’s story and began to send him food and clothes. Within a couple of months, $14,700 was raised on the crowdfunding non-profit platform GoFundMe for his further treatment, including solving eye problems. Ginger was surprised by how warmly and sincerely people reacted. Some apologized for sending small amounts. Gradually, Victor began to gain weight and his eyesight improved.

People from all over the country suddenly realized that patients with mental illnesses and the homeless also remain people struggling to survive in this world. Only it is much harder for them. Thousands of subscribers were now following Victor’s fate on the Facebook page. Due to the wide dissemination of the story, Ginger managed to contact Victor’s uncle. Her ward also met with her mother. Now he worked as a chef in a restaurant and could tell his mother about his achievements.

Victor calls his meeting with Ginger salvation and grace. She also said that she had seen a man on the street many times before their conversation, often heard the dissatisfaction of her friends with the homeless constantly staggering in this place. One day she decided it was time to act. “Why won’t I be the person to take this tramp off the street?” Ginger confessed in her first thoughts. Without his savior, the man would still be without a roof over his head, sick and hungry, waiting for death. But the culinary family would not have received a valuable employee and a sincere friend.

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