The judge asked the boy if his father was guilty, the boy’s answer shocked everyone…

There are so many lies in this world that real sincerity becomes a real miracle. But this is a very valuable quality that can help to get out of a difficult situation with the least losses. In this story, we will tell you about an unusual court hearing that took place in the United States.

The case was considered by Frank Caprio, who was already becoming the hero of our videos. A man holds the post of chief judge in Providence, the U.S. state of Rhode Island. The cases that Frank deals with are broadcast on television in the program “Caught in Providence”.

Many videos featuring an honest and attentive judge go viral on social networks. Frank has become a real favorite of the public, because he not only strictly follows the letter of the law, but also shows humanity towards all the defendants.

The program “Caught in Providence” has very high ratings, more than 100 million people watch the show during the year. Frank himself says that he is not trying to entertain the public, his main task is to administer justice. One of the cases that Judge Caprio considered concerned speeding.

The African-American was driving 35 miles per hour in a territory with a limit of 25 miles. Previously, the man drove a car in Africa, he got his American license just 6 months ago. The judge ironically remarked: “Have you decided to celebrate this event by speeding?”.

The witty remark caused laughter in the audience. The driver stated that he did not notice the speed limit sign. But the judge was not so naive as to believe in the man’s words. Frank noted that the Rhode Island driver’s manual prescribes driving at a speed of no more than 25 miles per hour where no other restrictions are specified.

The man said he had read these prescriptions, but then he mentioned his wife and children, intending to add something else. Only the judge did not let the violator finish. Frank asked the negligent driver where his family was. A woman with an infant and a very young boy were present at the meeting, sitting on a bench designed for observers present at the trial.

The judge invited the man’s family to stand next to him. The intruder continued his speech. He said he didn’t feel he was speeding because he was following another car. The judge asked the wife if she had told her husband to slow down a little.

The woman said that she also did not feel speeding. The judge specified who else was in the car. The woman said that her two children. To which the judge remarked that this meant that they were also in danger. Suddenly, Judge Frank turns his attention to a boy who is standing next to his parents. Caprio invites a modest child to himself.

The judge wants to ask the boy a question. Frank says he wants to know the child’s opinion on the issue they are considering. The judge asks: “Is your father guilty or not?”. A 5-year-old boy amazes everyone gathered at the meeting with his answer. The guy immediately says: “Guilty”!

This answer causes laughter in the courtroom. No one expected the boy to honestly say what he thinks. After all, his father really exceeded the speed limit. The boy did not beg for his dad, but simply told the truth. The judge had another question in store for the boy, but he didn’t ask it.

Apparently, Frank did not expect that the child would give exactly such an answer. The boy defused the situation at the trial, his sincerity conquered everyone, including the judge. Frank called the defendant’s son an honest guy and shook his hand. The judge ends the meeting by saying that the man has a wonderful family that needs to be protected.

Frank also pays tribute to good driving in Africa, for which the defendant has never been brought to court. As a result, Caprio does not issue any fines to the violator! Do not underestimate sincerity and honesty, these qualities are really very valuable, especially in our time.

Obviously, the boy’s answer helped his father in court, it is not known how this case would have ended if the guy had said something else. It often seems to us that cheating and hiding the truth is the right strategy, but fair and honest behavior gives us much more advantages.

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