The man came to the interview all dirty, thanks to this he got a job…

Justice still exists in life. It is not always believed, but if a person lives according to the laws of conscience, fate will surely repay him the same. The story that I’m going to tell has been walking around the web for a long time, whether it’s true we can no longer find out, but with a high probability it can be argued that something like this has certainly happened in the world. A 50-year-old man has been looking for a job for a long time. He worked at the previous place for 10 years, but he was “squeezed out” of the salon by younger car mechanics.

And now, finally, he has received an invitation to an interview. The night before, he couldn’t sleep half the night, going over his knowledge in memory. It seemed to him that they were too small to compete with the youth. And cars are becoming more and more modern. Their repair requires not only knowledge of the chassis, but also electronics. In the morning, he put on a suit and a white shirt prepared in advance, shined his shoes and moved towards the bus stop. He took documents with him and for some reason – a diploma of a radio-electronics engineer.

He had been standing for 15 minutes, and there was still no bus. He was glad that he left early, so he would still be able to arrive on time. Not far from the stop, an old man was standing by a luxury car. He lifted the hood, looked in there, tried to do something, but then froze in obvious confusion. The man felt sorry for the old man, and he decided to try to help. After 20 minutes of work, the car finally started. The old man was terribly pleased. He said, “Thank you! Here, I’ve been driving my “old lady” all my life, and my son gave this one to me. Still sometimes I don’t find a common language with her!”.

The old man asked where his “savior” was going? The man looked at his watch and sadly said that he was nowhere. He said that he had been looking for a job for a long time, and today he was invited to an interview with an auto mechanic in a large salon. Well, in this form, he will not go anywhere. His hands were covered in fuel oil, and his white shirt was pretty dirty. The old man tried to persuade him in every possible way that he still needed to try. “Well, I’ll try,” the man decided and went to the salon. There he saw a whole “guard” of people who wanted to get a job. Of course, every worker would like such a salary!

Mostly young guys were sitting. The man was depressed, but since he arrived, he decided to wait. One thing pleased me – the interview had not started yet, because the boss was late. Finally it was announced that he had arrived. The guys left the office upset. Finally, it was the man’s turn. He went to the door with the thought: “I can imagine what they will tell me now, even if I came to the interview dirty!”. An old acquaintance of his was sitting at the table – today’s old man with a stalled car. Only he was dressed in an expensive suit and with a gold watch on his arm.

The man was taken aback. And the old man came out from behind the table and, without embarrassment, shook his hand. “I saw you in the waiting room. I am very glad that you were coming to us,” said an old acquaintance. He said that the owner of the salon is his son. Now he is very busy and asked his father, who once started this whole business, to choose a specialist for a new auto mechanic rate. The old man said that he would be very happy to recommend a decent, decent and reliable specialist to his son.

When the man questioned his knowledge in the field of new automotive technologies, the old man smiled. He said that any knowledge can be learned, there would be a desire, but trust is a rare attitude that can not be given to everyone! The man was happy to get a money job at his age.

The old man was pleased that he had acquired a hardworking and honest person in the “team”. He realized that his “savior on the road” would work not for fear, but for conscience. Selfless actions always leave a mark on a person’s life. He becomes better and kinder, spreading it to the people around him, and attracts good luck.

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