The man fell out of the boat and drowned in the sea until he felt a push in his leg…

The human spirit is capable of performing real miracles! Especially in combination with the amazing support from our smaller brothers. This story happened in January 2022 in the USA. Yachtsman from Southern California Scott Thompson swam across the Santa Barbara Strait on his boat. Everything was going well, but suddenly the weather changed a lot.

The man realized that it was simply not safe to be on the water. Strong waves rose, a powerful wind blew. The yachtsman was several kilometers from the shore when he decided to return back to land, away from the raging elements. But he never managed to accomplish his plan.

Suddenly a strong wave rose, which rocked the boat and pushed Scott into the water! The man found himself in the cold ocean, but the most terrible thing was that the boat continued to move without a manager. The ship’s engine was on, so Scott couldn’t catch up to get on board. The man found himself in a difficult situation.

He was in cold water far from the boat only in a light T-shirt and shorts. Scott thought it was his last day in this world. But the man did not give up, he fought for life. Although he understood that he had little chance of salvation. Because of the bad weather, there were no other boats in the sea, and he did not have the strength to stay in the water far from the shore for a long time. Scott continued to stay on the water, hoping for salvation.

The man was thinking about his family, his beloved wife and children. He was moving towards the shore, not losing hope of still swimming to the saving land. But everything was very complicated by the fact that the water was really cold. A real darkness began to envelop the man, he was drowning… But suddenly an unforeseen factor intervened in his unfortunate fate.

The man would hardly have survived if not for unexpected help. Scott felt someone pushing him up. He almost lost his strength, but soon realized that something unusual was happening. Some impulse gave him strength, lifted him out of the water abyss. Then Scott finally realized what had happened!

He was pushed out of the water by a seal! The animal ducked under the man, and then helped him to climb up! This unexpected support gave strength to the man. Scott felt as if someone from above had given him a sign to keep fighting! In his situation, such an unusual and sudden help was very welcome.

Seal’s support turned out to be timely and so necessary! The man swam on with renewed strength. In total, Scott had to stay in the water for more than 5 hours! All this time the man tried to move forward in the dark and cold. And as a result, the yachtsman managed to reach the oil platform. The crew working on it helped the man to climb up.

He was finally on a solid surface! Scott was given medical care, he was warmed and fed. The man considers his salvation a real miracle! The same opinion is shared by the oil platform workers who helped Scott. They consider the man a hero, because he was able to hold out for several hours in cold water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Scott spent the night in the hospital, he had cuts, bruises, dehydration and hypothermia. But he was alive! And thanks in part to the seal, which gave Scott the strength to continue fighting. We know so little about our smaller brothers, we often exploit animals, use them for food or entertainment. At the same time, they are able to help us in difficult times by showing real compassion and kindness.

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