The moment when the dog said goodbye to its owner is just heartbreaking.

A special bond is established between the owner and the pet. Animals always feel when something is wrong with their person, this is especially true for dogs that are strongly attached to the owner. We will tell you a heart-wrenching story that can touch even the most stony heart.

A resident of California, 33-year-old Ryan Jessen was an ordinary guy with no health problems, but suddenly he had severe headaches. One day the migraine became so unbearable that the man was hospitalized. In the hospital, Ryan lost consciousness. Doctors examined the American and came to disappointing conclusions.

It turned out that the man had a brain hemorrhage. The tissue damage turned out to be incompatible with life, the doctors informed the family that Ryan would die soon. This news caught everyone close by surprise. Ryan was a perfectly healthy, cheerful guy that everyone adored! Indeed, you never know what awaits you tomorrow.

The loss was really terrible for everyone who knew an open and positive guy. Ryan’s dog was no exception… The man was in a coma for several days before he died. All of Ryan’s family and friends came to say goodbye to him, realizing that he would soon be gone from this world. The clinic staff saw how many close people their patient had.

They took a liking to the young man who was about to die. Ryan won the love of the entire staff even more by agreeing to give his healthy heart to save a 17-year-old boy. Doctors and nurses were ready to fulfill literally any request of the relatives of the dying.

And the medical staff was given such an opportunity! Ryan’s sister Michelle told the doctors and nurses who cared for her brother that he simply adored his boxer dog Molly. The woman asked the medical staff for permission to bring the pet to the hospital. She wanted the dog to say goodbye to its dying owner. Animals are banned in hospitals, but an exception was made for Ryan.

The clinic staff allowed Molly to be brought in so that she could see her master for the last time. The meeting of the dog with the dying owner was incredibly touching and sad. Molly looked completely depressed, she clearly understood what was going on. The heartbroken dog tenderly said goodbye to his man, causing tears from everyone who watched the scene.

It is simply impossible to look calmly at how Molly leans against her master, who lies motionless, completely entangled in tubes. The dog’s farewell to its owner was captured on video for family use. No one was going to show such an intimate moment to someone else. However, the farewell turned out to be so touching that Michelle wanted to share it on a social network.

She captioned the video: “The hospital staff allowed us to do the sweetest thing in the world – to bring my brother’s dog, so Molly will know why her owner didn’t come home.” The post caused a storm of emotions! No wonder, because you are unlikely to be able to see something equally heartbreaking!

The video was watched by thousands of users from all over the world who were moved to tears by what was happening on the screen. How can such a deep affection of a dog that sees its owner for the last time not catch on to the living? Obviously, Molly was well aware that her man was leaving forever. She was very gentle with him, but at the same time insanely depressed. It’s really impossible to look at it without tears!

A lot of comments were posted under the post with condolences to Ryan’s family, who had to face an irreparable loss. Some users shared their sad stories, thus supporting the Jessens. There were those who were worried about Molly. Users were interested in what would happen next with a dog that had lost its owner.

Michelle hastened to reassure people, saying that Molly is part of their family, she will not be given to anyone, will be provided with the necessary care and love. Dogs are the most loyal and loving animals that are strongly attached to their owners.

They almost always understand when their person is sick or dying, which causes the animals deep sadness. Dogs can feel sadness, the pain of loss, the bitterness of parting, just like you and me. Therefore, let’s do everything in our power to stay close to your pets for as long as possible!

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