The mother refused the calf! You won’t believe who raised him…

We know perfectly well that there are no other people’s children. And this applies not only to our kids, but also to animals. Sometimes abandoned children are raised by other species, which leads to very unusual results… This story took place in the city of Asheville in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The owners of the farm 33-year-old Adam

Hopson and his wife, 32-year-old Emily, sheltered one unusual baby who turned into a full-fledged member of the family. He became this universal favorite… a calf named James! The life of the adorable baby was not easy until Adam and Emily took him in. The fact is that the Highland calf was injured during childbirth.

This led to the fact that the baby did not know how to interact with his mother. James could not feed himself and the mother cow simply refused him, so Adam and Emily hurried to help the calf. The couple began to take care of the baby, and he very soon felt at home. The farmers lived with the calf in the house for several weeks, constantly feeding it from a bottle.

James grew up very active, intelligent, curious. There were also dogs in the house with whom the calf spent a lot of time and in fact they became his herd and family for him. They played together, but soon James’ butting became dangerous for dogs. Emily writes on her social network page:

“When he used to butt our dogs, it was cute, but now it’s tough for them, so the dogs don’t want to play with him anymore.” The calf has lived with dogs since childhood, so he adopted many of the habits of these animals. James wags his tail, licks his owners, asks for treats, and at one time he liked to sit on the couch with his “parents”.

Adam and Emily even took the calf with them in the car, and he, in turn, looked curiously out the window. Well, just like any dog! It should be noted that James is hardly an ordinary calf. It’s not just his unusual upbringing. James is a representative of the breed of highland Scottish cows, which look very impressive and cute. They have a thick, beautiful coat that helps them endure rainy weather.

Highland calves look very cute, they look like children’s teddy bears. Already grown up, James was moved to the chickens, new calves were also added to his aviary, which the herd does not accept. By the way, he was also rejected by his relatives. James is much closer to people and dogs than cows. At the same time, the calf does not really like cats, they, by the way, reciprocate him. This makes the calf even more related to the dogs who literally raised the baby.

James’ games and growing up were watched by hundreds of thousands of subscribers on the social network page. Emily turned her on. A woman photographs animals in various funny and simply beautiful costumes, talks about the life of pets, now James has grown up and Emily is already talking about other farm pets, but it is thanks to a young bull playing with dogs that their page has become popular.

The users liked James’s page so much that they began to turn to the woman with a request to sell the handsome man. But the whole family loves this cute cute guy so much that they don’t even think about handing him over to someone else. Even if for a lot of money. After all, friendship is not for sale. At the beginning of his life, James was not the happiest calf.

But thanks to a kind married couple who loves all animals, he has become the most joyful, inquisitive and cheerful pet in the world! But the upbringing of dogs was not in vain for James, he adopted many habits of these animals.

All living creatures are amazing and unique, everyone needs to be given a chance to survive. Kindness saved the calf from death, but his new “parents” were fully thanked for their care. James gives the hosts a lot of positivity, positive emotions and love.

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