The mysterious chest found in the grandmother’s house kept the story. No one knew about his existence

Lovers of unexpected finds often go on archaeological expeditions, visit abandoned villages or ruins of ancient buildings. It turns out that the most interesting discoveries can lie in wait for a person very close, no further than his grandmother’s house. One of the users of the social news site Reddit, under the nickname “Todirerl”, posted on his page a story about the finds, which were greatly envied by many lovers of antiques and antiques. And it all started with… love for Grandma.

Once again, when the young man came to visit her, the old lady turned to him with a request to clean up the workshop, where her grandfather used to do pottery for his pleasure. Well, I created something for sale. Now my grandfather is dead, no one has visited the workshop for a long time, but I would like to put things in order there. Opening the door, the grandson realized that the work was going to be grandiose. He cleaned up the remnants of raw materials, garbage, stacked paints and tools, cleaned and put finished products on shelves, washed every nook and cranny of space.

Gradually, Toddy was getting closer to the old brown closet. In appearance, it seemed that it had not been opened for countless years. “I hope I won’t find a dead rat or a skeleton here,” the grandson thought, intending to open the door. Fortunately, the closet was empty. Or rather, empty, but not quite. In the bottom of it, the young man noticed old wooden blocks that clearly did not fit with the general surface. Under the loose tiles there was a recess filled to the top with soil.

After clearing, metal contours appeared, and a safe was designated. In the center, a plastic “lid” hid a combination lock. Intrigued, the grandson went to his grandmother with the intention of finding out the details of the cache. But it turned out that the old lady not only did not know about what was in the safe, but also had no idea about its very existence. Then he asked permission to contact his father to open the safe. Under the influence of a modern power tool, an old safe shared its secrets.

The first glance of curious descendants found a bundle of black cloth and an old sheet of paper lying on top. The words on it were slightly awe-inspiring: “abandon hope, everyone who enters here,” which corresponded to the inscription in Dante’s hell. The descendants decided that this is a kind of warning for those who want to take someone else’s. But they found a find from their ancestors! Therefore, we decided to proceed calmly. The photo was considered first. It had suffered considerably from time, but the image was quite distinguishable.

Grandma recognized her husband’s father, who, accordingly, was Toddy’s great-grandfather. He was a man dressed “to the nines” for his time, with a fashionable hairstyle and glasses. Picking up the next photo, Grandma noticed: “And this is his wife.” The photo was of the young man’s great-grandmother. Both images were very old, and Teddy saw his ancestors for the first time, who probably lived more than a century ago. In a leather bag with the date “1776” lay a gold pocket watch of excellent preservation and vintage stamps.

Especially surprised by the brand family of non-existing countries, such as the USSR or Zaire. To the endless envy of numismatists, Todirerl posted a photo of a whole collection of coins of different shapes and sizes, “walking” in different countries at different times. Most of them were valued as old and valuable, especially the 1921 silver US dollar. There were 15 different copies in total.

With a heartfelt thrill, the grandson picked up the next find – a medal of the First World War and a special pin, which, as it turned out later, was given to everyone who went from the British Empire to the Commonwealth troops. They also belonged to great-grandfather. There was also a gold fountain pen and a small lamp in the safe, looking exactly like in the fairy tale about Aladdin. The young man even admitted that he had rubbed it twice on the sly – wouldn’t a genie appear out of it in spite of everything!

Such lamps were used in the East for incense. Considering that a Chinese emblem denoting “double happiness” was found on the black fabric, it is quite reasonable to assume that Toddy’s great-grandfather visited the East. The young man was genuinely upset that the genie did not appear from the lamp. But he was very comforted by the discovery of a real golden key.

Unfortunately, Grandma had no idea what this key was used for. But it became obvious that the search for mysterious finds in the house would continue! The guy’s great-grandfather was clearly an outstanding person, and laying a cache was the best way to give a history lesson to his descendants. Anyone who wants to learn more about their kind should be attentive. Perhaps interesting finds will be very close, you just have to stretch out your hand.

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