The old man always takes a photo of his wife to the restaurant, his story touched the waitress

It is very important to tell close people how much we value them, to appreciate every minute spent with family and loved ones. After all, when they are not around, all that will remain are memories of the years happily lived together. This touching and heartfelt story, which makes us appreciate our loved ones more, took place in the popular American In-N-Out Burger. Waiters of such establishments can tell a lot about people, because they have to deal with very different visitors.

But it is unlikely that you have ever heard something so touching and heart-warming… One day, a waitress working in a catering company saw a strange picture. There was an elderly man in the hall who was having lunch alone. At the same time, he had a photograph of a woman on his table. The frame was directly opposite the dining man so that he could view the image. It seemed that the visitor thus shares his meal with a loved one.

Of course, the waitress just couldn’t help but pay attention to the elderly man with the photo. She really wanted to ask the man about who this woman, frozen in the frame, was. And the waitress also thought that she could brighten up the loneliness of an elderly visitor with a pleasant conversation. That’s just the employee of the diner could not even imagine how exciting it would be to communicate with an unusual visitor.

Later, the waitress posted the story of an elderly man dining with a photo on her social network. And the publication has become insanely popular, it has literally been on the Internet! So, here’s what the man told the waitress who joined his lunch. It turned out that the woman in the photo is the deceased wife of an elderly visitor to the institution. They met in their distant youth, when they were both only 17 years old!

The girl and the guy fell in love with each other, but they had to part because of the outbreak of war. The young man went to the front, and the American woman’s family moved to another city. So the lovers lost sight of each other! The man went through the whole war with the thought of his beloved, and when he returned home, he decided to find her at all costs! And he spent 10 years searching for it! Just imagine, a man has been faithful to his woman all this time, he has not met anyone.

The surrounding people twisted their finger at the temple, but the lover knew that he would find his beauty. Here’s what he said to the waitress: “I was crazy, madly in love.” And then one day a man went to another city in California and decided to visit a hairdresser. He told the master about the girl he has been looking for for 10 years. The barber immediately left to make a phone call. It’s just impossible to believe, but it turned out he called his daughter, and this girl turned out to be the very love of our hero!

And what is most amazing, she was also looking for a guy with whom she had to part because of the war! And this girl has been alone all these years, just like our hero! The man immediately proposed to his only one, they got married. Lovers of joy have lived together for 55 years! And, of course, the death of his wife became a real grief and irreparable loss for her husband. Several years have passed since then, but the man continues to celebrate the Birthdays of the deceased beloved, their anniversaries.

He carries a photo of his wife with him so as not to feel lonely. And also – kisses her image at night. And if he travels, he takes pictures together with a photo of his beloved in a frame. The waitress told all this in her post, which caused a storm of emotions among readers. This story has literally restored faith in true love to many users! The waitress ended her post with some of the man’s statements, which seemed to her the most important and wise, despite the apparent simplicity:

“I was a very rich man. Not with money, but with love.” “I have never had a single quarrel with my wife, but we had a lot of debates.” “People are like candles. At any moment, a person can be blown away by the wind, so enjoy the light while you have it.” The waitress ended her post with a call to talk to the elders, because they can share very wise words with you.

It seems to us that we brighten up their loneliness, but in fact, old people can greatly enrich us with a more thoughtful and deep understanding of the world and relationships between people. True love exists, and when you lose your only one, it is a great pain that is difficult to survive. But it is still better to have and lose than never to know what it is – true feelings and deep affection for another person.

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