The older brother met the school bus with the younger one every day, the way he did it got into the news!

Often relatives, even the closest ones, do not get along with each other. But sometimes the bond between brothers is so strong that it is admired by people all over the world. Noah and Max Tingle live in the US state of Louisiana. The age difference between the brothers is 5 years. The eldest Noah is 17 years old, the youngest Max is 12. Often such a big age difference prevents teenagers from communicating well with each other, but this is not the case at all!

There has always been a special bond between the Tingle brothers, they are very close to each other. Even the mother of Stacy’s sons is surprised by the excellent relationship between their children. She says that Noah always looked out for his younger brother, felt responsible for him. According to Stacy, the elder helps Max in everything, tries to make him a good guy.

The brothers got along great and had fun together. But an event was approaching that was supposed to change the lives of the guys. The fact is that Noah was finishing school, he was waiting for admission to college. And that meant the guy’s departure. When Noah lived with the family for the last year before going to college, he came up with one thing. The guy decided to help his brother accumulate as many happy memories of their life together as possible!

In order to strengthen good relationships and create pleasant memories, Noah began to meet Max every day when he returned from school on the school bus. The guy’s ingenious plan was not limited to banal hugs. Noah decided to turn the daily arrival of the bus with Max into a real ritual! The guy came up with the idea that every day he would meet his younger brother in a very unusual way. Noah decided to use a wide variety of costumes!

My brother came up with unusual images to surprise his younger brother every day when he returned from school! Noah reasoned that it would definitely be difficult for Max to forget about this for many years to come! The elder brother began to prepare carefully every day for the arrival of the younger one. The very first shooting of the meeting of Max and Noah, like many subsequent ones, was posted on a social network. My sister was filming what was happening. Noah tucked his tight shorts into a sleeveless T-shirt.

The guy began to look very funny, which could not but make Max smile. Noah started waving at the approaching school bus from afar. When Max came out of it, he was just in shock! The guy was embarrassed, but couldn’t help laughing. And that was just the beginning! Noah began to think carefully about the images for his brother’s daily meeting. The guy’s costumes were getting more and more complicated. Who he just wasn’t!

Noah dressed up as a hot dog, Santa Claus, dinosaur, angel, Joker! Videos of unusual meetings were uploaded to Facebook, as a result, very soon the guy’s page became very popular. Everyone was wondering what kind of costume Noah would be in this time! At the same time, neither rain nor strong wind interfered with the meeting. The older brother invariably waited for the younger one in an unusual way to cheerfully greet him after school!

Interestingly, users began to help Noah dress up. They gave him unusual costumes so that he would not repeat his images. Over time, thousands of people subscribed to Noah’s Facebook page! The guy did not set a goal to become famous, but he was glad of such attention. As for Max, he looked very confused on the video from the very beginning.

But it is obvious that he was always happy to see his brother, smiling at his cheerful costumes. Sometimes Noah and Max would start running after each other, or one would knock the other to the ground. The touching meetings of the brothers were watched by thousands of users who probably would like to have the same close relationship with their loved ones. Over time, unusual videos began to gain an increasing audience. Local media found out about Noah’s idea.

One day, a reporter from the popular NBC news agency got to one of the promotions of the “Welcome Home” series! This was the beginning of real fame! Even international news agencies began to follow Noah’s unusual reincarnations. Real tourist groups have started to go to Louisiana!

That was before my older brother left for college. But in 2020, there was a pandemic. The brothers switched to online training, the “Welcome Home” campaign had to be canceled, but Noah was able to spend more time with his brother.

This story shows that it is not so difficult to establish relations with relatives if you have the desire and show an extraordinary approach. Noah and Max are very close to each other, but what prevents each of us from establishing the same strong bond with our brothers and sisters?

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