The owners began to notice how the cat comes wet in dry weather, once they managed to follow him

Curious events take place in one family from the village of Issy, located in the Penza region. The fact is that a pet lives in this family – a red cat named Barsik four years old. But what is so remarkable about this cat? Yes, it seems to be nothing special. It’s just that sometimes he comes home wet, even in dry weather.

No, he is not completely wet, his back is dry all the time. The owners of the animal were at first completely perplexed. They were very interested in where their pet disappears and why it returns in this form in the evening. The owner of the Badger Evgeny Alekhine tried several times to follow his mysterious cat, but he did not manage to do it right away.

The striped mustache mysteriously disappeared every morning, as if it melted into thin air, and just like out of nowhere, it appeared wet in the evening, which greatly surprised its owners. Chance helped Eugene to find out the truth. The Alyokhins’ house is located on the river bank. One evening, a man, being on the shore of a reservoir, suddenly saw an incredible thing, which he was very surprised at: from the opposite shore, as if nothing had happened, with an absolutely impassive muzzle, none other than a Badger was swimming.

The owners of the pet were simply shocked to learn about this turn of events: “How did the cat voluntarily enter the water? And even did it regularly for a long time? What kind of need prompted him to such actions?” The Alekhines have not yet found answers to their questions. The secret of the Badger was revealed after Eugene still managed to track down the red-haired reveler. The fact that the Alyokhins found out about their pet surprised them even more.

It turned out that a beautiful cat lives in a house on the opposite shore, to which the Badger visits every day. The most interesting thing is that the cat always returns to his father’s house to spend the night. The red-haired cavalier was not even scared by the rather fast spring current, and nothing could stop the Badger in the summer. Evgeny also told me what surprised him the most.

And this means that the neighbors on their shore are full of cats that would suit a Badger as brides. And for their sake, one does not need to make such sacrifices as swimming across the river both in cold and in heat, but it seems that none of the neighboring “ladies” of the red moustache could interest. It was from the opposite shore that the “sweetheart” managed to conquer the heart of a fluffy handsome man. It can be seen that cats are not alien to love and devotion.

Evgeny periodically shoots his cat’s outings on video. So one of them interested TV journalists. And this is not surprising! Where else can you see a cat who voluntarily climbs into the water and fearlessly swims across a river with a fast current in order to see his beloved. It is unlikely that you will meet a floating cat somewhere else. As far as everyone knows, cats do not even wash themselves without heart-rending screams. And here it is!

Where did the Badger come from at the Alekhins, and who taught him to water? The cat was brought to Issa from Penza as a one-month-old kitten. Due to the bright red color, the unique pet was first called Orange, but for some reason the cat did not accept this name and did not want to respond to it. One day, the nieces came to visit the Alyokhins. When they saw the little ginger, they immediately began to play with him, and during the game they called him a Badger.

The kitten really liked his new nickname, and he immediately began to react to it. But nobody taught the red moustache to swim. He mastered this lesson on his own. Apparently love forced. No one expected such a quickness from a Badger, because he looks like an ordinary cat, even slightly lazy and slow. And no one could even imagine that a red-haired fluffy was capable of such desperate acts for love, like daily swimming in a raging river stream.

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