The policeman made sure that they were safe, then he lay down to play with these girls in dolls

In any country in the world, the police have a hard time. They are often accused of bias, although in fact they are ordinary people who are kind to children and those who do not violate the law. The proof of this was another story of a policeman from the USA. An emergency has occurred in the South Hill of Mecklenburg County, Virginia. An emergency team was called to one of the houses of the block together with the police. A gas leak was suspected.

Corporal Fleming saw children playing outside. He decided to keep an eye on them so that they would not rush into a house where an explosion was possible. At the same time, he was talking to one of the moms, 28-year-old Roper-Boswell. She admitted that her daughter and niece, like most other children of the neighborhood, are afraid of the police. When the officer heard that there was no bomb threat, he was in no hurry to leave. The man talked for a long time with the children.

When the mother looked out into the street after a while, she was amazed and grabbed her phone to capture what she saw. Her little girls were playing with dolls, and with them was the same corporal with whom she had talked a little earlier. Not at all embarrassed, he stretched out right on his stomach and enthusiastically played with the children. Everyone was completely busy with their own business and completely ignored the fact that their mother was filming them. Then the company got up, her teenage daughter did a wheel in front of everyone.

To the surprise of the mother, the same wheel was repeated by the policeman. All the children smiled. The young woman could not stand it and once again approached the man. He honestly said that he likes to play with children. Because he has four of his own, and there are two more adoptive ones. And he treats everyone the same. And this quarter is almost native to him, because in 15 years of service he was called here many times. The woman was struck by the policeman’s good nature and smiling. He was happy to take some pictures with the children and said that he would definitely visit them from time to time.

Roper-Boswell posted the pictures and videos on her Facebook page, where they have been viewed thousands of times, earned the approval and sincere admiration of netizens. Representatives of the television company became interested in the incident. A young woman told WTVR-TV reporters that this 42-year-old officer had completely changed the lives of her daughter and niece. Now, in case of an emergency, they will not call 911, but him. And she is sure that help will come quickly.

It’s not for nothing that the children nicknamed Corporal Fleming Batman. Now they are confident in his omnipotence and protection! When the journalists found the officer, he simply said that he loved children. When Fleming joined the police, the guy decided that he would not only write fines and be a bad guy for everyone, but also try to do something good for everyone.

Judging by the story of a young mother, he does it perfectly with children. And the whole neighborhood, where mostly African Americans live, began to change its attitude towards white police officers. Sincere kindness will always find a response in the hearts of people. Regardless of profession, age and other social or personal characteristics.

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