The shoemaker confessed his love, she laughed in his face, but after a while she was amazed to see him

Dignity and humanity are not measured by the amount of a bank account or expensive purchases. These qualities are laid down in the family and pass with the personality through his whole life. Those who do not know how to appreciate a person by his spiritual qualities, are taught to do this by life. A young man from a simple family has been working at a shoe repair kiosk for several months. The owner, Vigen, was very pleased with the young man. He repaired shoes efficiently and quickly. All the tools seemed to be spinning in his hands by themselves. But the owner did not know that in addition to the work, the young man’s thoughts were occupied by an amazing girl who passed by the kiosk every evening.

She worked nearby as a notary’s assistant and was always tastefully dressed. Bagram looked at her and thought that such a girl would never pay attention to him. But one day a miracle happened. The same beauty came up to the kiosk where the young man was working and held out beautiful shoes. Seeing a beautiful vision nearby, the boy finally became timid. Her eyes were like deep pools, and her hair sparkled in the sun like black gold. – These are my favorite shoes, can you make new pads? – Uh ……… The guy hung up – I didn’t understand if you could or not?! The girl asked again.

The owner came to the rescue. He took the shoes and told the girl that by tomorrow this guy would do everything perfectly. She smiled and said, “Great! But God, what a stupid young man works for you! Can’t he connect two words? I hope at least the shoes will do well!”. With that, she left. The owner looked at Bagram and realized that he was missing. He decided to cheer up the guy and said: “By all means tell her about your feelings! Have some courage. Tell it like it is. You work honestly and do your job well. Don’t lie.”

Bagram was sure that he would be rejected. But the boss still advised to try. When the girl came to pick up the shoes, Bagram said that he liked her and asked to give him a chance. The beauty was amazed. “I’m too good to even talk to a fool like you!” she declared. Bagram was terribly upset. The boss said that if you really like the girl, you should definitely try again. After 2 days, the beauty walked past the kiosk in a luxurious outfit and high heels. The young man leaned out and shouted:

“Beautiful stranger, give me 1 minute.” – Well, just one, – she came closer. – Beauty, give me a chance. Let’s have dinner together tonight? – Maybe we’ll have lunch in the stable? Or standing on the street? She said. – Yes, I won’t be able to come to you in a limo or invite you to a luxury restaurant. But let me surprise you. Give me your phone number and tell me when and where we can meet? I guarantee you won’t regret it. Arevik, that was the girl’s name, thought for a second. The guy was cute and turned out to be quite persistent.

She decided out of curiosity to leave her phone and said that he could call tomorrow at exactly 19.30. Bagram was rushing home as if on wings. Taking a shortcut through the courtyards, he ran into an elderly woman coming out of the entrance not far from work. He apologized and ran on. The next day, the guy told the boss everything. He promised not to detain the young man at work. Finally, at 7 pm, Bagram jumped out onto the street. He planned to call the beauty in exactly half an hour to find out where to drive up.

Then order a taxi to her house and go to the nearest cafe. Bagram was waiting for the last minutes and suddenly saw an elderly woman wandering lost in the unknown. He asked where she was going. But the woman didn’t answer. At that moment, he remembered that he had already seen her leaving the house. And I remembered the entrance well. Bagram looked at his watch and realized that he had to choose whether to be late for a date or leave a helpless person on the street. The guy decided to do it, according to his conscience. He called the girl and said, “If you can, forgive me. I have an unexpected case, so I won’t be able to come.”

Arevik was furious. She was stood up by some shoemaker! She threw him into the phone: “This was your only chance, loser. I will never forgive you!” Bagram felt as if he had been punched in the gut, but he could not have left the elderly woman for sure. So he took her by the arm and led her to the house from which she had once left. At the entrance, the woman suddenly perked up and walked forward. The guy decided that he would take her to the apartment to make sure that she came to the right place. He rang the bell and the door opened…Arevik.

The young people were shocked. The girl was surprised how this deceiver found out where she lives. Bagram replied that he had brought the lost woman to the entrance, and here she remembered the apartment. It turned out to be Arevik’s mother. She suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and sometimes got lost in space. The girl hugged her mother and was very happy. She let Bagram in with her. “I’m sorry. You chose to help an elderly man, even though I gave you the only chance.

You turned out to be a real person, so I don’t mind continuing our communication,” the girl said. Arevik’s mother said she didn’t mind such a kind guy. So life rewarded the young man for a noble act. Do good to people without expecting a reward, and then your life will be full of unexpected, glorious surprises. After all, everything in the world is distributed according to the laws of spirituality – whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you.

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