The wild elephant recognized the veterinarian who treated him 12 years ago and made an unusual gesture!

Elephants are kind, strong and able to remember good animals. They are really able to be grateful to people for the help they receive. Don’t you believe it? Then be sure to listen to this touching story. Thailand is an amazingly picturesque country, which is distinguished by an abundance of diverse flora and fauna. The national symbol and sacred animal of the country is the elephant.

At the same time, noble beauties are actively used in agriculture, and also entertain numerous tourists. According to official information, there are about 5 thousand elephants in the country. Part of the population, and a large one, is domesticated, the other lives in the forests or reserves of the country. At the same time, they try to take care of the elephants properly, provide them with the necessary assistance. This story began in 2009 in the east of Thailand.

Veterinarian Pattarapol Maneon was called to help one unfortunate elephant. The animal was found in the forest in the area of Rayong. The elephant was 19 years old, he was in a terrible condition. The poor man suffered from inflammation of the eye, fever, but the worst thing was that he had a fatal disease, which is known as sleeping sickness. The elephant was on the verge of life and death, so a very well-known and respected veterinarian was called to help him.

Maneon quickly arrived at the place and realized that he would not be able to help the animal right in the forest. Therefore, the elephant, which was named Plai Thang, was decided to be transported to Lampang Province on the territory of the Forest Industry Organization. Veterinarian Maneon took up the treatment of a sick animal, making every possible effort to do so. The process of helping the elephant, which was in a terrible state, took a long few months.

All this time Maneon was constantly near the animal. According to the veterinarian, at first the elephant was aggressive towards him, as he was very weak and exhausted. The animal felt that it was vulnerable, so it would not be able to fight back against the enemy. And the elephant could not know what intentions a stranger had towards him. But over time, Plai Thang became more and more calm, as he stopped feeling threatened by the veterinarian.

In addition, the pain gradually disappeared, which also contributed to the animal’s blissful state. When the treatment was successfully completed, the elephant was returned to its natural habitat. However, that day the veterinarian could not imagine that this would not be his last meeting with the animal… It has been 12 years since Plai Thang was released into the wild. The veterinarian found himself in the forest in the district of Rayong, where the unfortunate elephant was once found.

Maneon was making a detour in search of sick animals when he suddenly heard a familiar call. The vet knew exactly who welcomed him into the forest! Not everyone knows that every elephant trumpets differently, making special, only his inherent sounds. And Maneon immediately recognized the voice of Plai Thang! The veterinarian realized that the animal was very close. But he couldn’t even imagine what would happen next! Maneon saw a large animal approaching him.

The elephant came close to the man who once saved his life, and then stretched out his trunk! 12 years have passed since the last meeting, but the animal has not forgotten the veterinarian! Plai Thang seemed to greet a familiar man by touching his hand. It was a touching gesture of gratitude. As Maneon himself says:

“It was an amazing and very personal moment. It was for the sake of such moments that I chose my profession.” Elephants are one of the most dangerous animals in the world and such good nature is an unprecedented rarity for elephants in the wild, so it’s safe to say that Plai Thang remembered his savior and is still grateful to him for saving him.

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