There are more eagles than pigeons in this city. Unalaska, Alaska.

There are many amazing places in our world that are strikingly different from everything we are used to. But this diversity is an integral part of our planet, what makes it so interesting and unique! Bald eagles are surprisingly strong, very large and beautiful birds.

The wingspan reaches up to 2 meters, the weight of adults is up to 6 kilograms. The bird of prey of the hawk family is a real symbol of the United States, although few Americans have seen it at least once in their lives. Bald eagles live exclusively in Alaska, the island of Newfoundland, off the coast of the oceans and lakes of California and Florida, as well as in North America.

Birds are rarely seen in their natural habitat, as they try not to catch the eye of humans. However, there is a place where there are so many eagles that no one is surprised to see beautiful creatures outside their window. And this is a city in Alaska called Unalaska. No more than 5,000 people live in an amazing place at the very edge of the Earth. And at the same time there are about 600 eagles in Unalaska!

The city even has a common non-official name “city of eagles”. Locals are so used to such an unusual neighborhood that they simply ignore it. Of course, the mighty eagles in these parts are something like crows, gulls or pigeons. However, there are events that are difficult to ignore. For example, when an eagle attacks a person.

This rarely happens, but it still happens. After all, eagles are birds of prey that zealously defend their territory, especially during the nesting period. Therefore, residents of a small town in Alaska know perfectly well that it is better not to fall under their hot wing! Eagles make nests in tall trees where no one can harm the chicks. That’s just in Unalaska there is a rather sparse vegetation, which makes them settle on rocks and even in ordinary buildings.

Such a neighborhood gives a lot of trouble to both man and birds. There are signs all over the town that warn about the nesting of eagles in this area. Locals are especially wary in summer. People try not to disturb the birds, but unpleasant situations still occur every year. Locals even have to turn to doctors for first aid after an attack by eagles.

A dozen such cases are registered per year. And these are only those situations that are officially known. And how many more people get minor injuries or just get off with a slight fright, it’s hard to imagine! Yes, the neighborhood with pigeons gives much less trouble! Although they are certainly not as majestic as bald eagles. The head of the local police department , Jennifer Shockley , says:

“We put up warning signs because the eagles will do anything to protect the chicks. They tear the body with their claws, grab the head, try to inflict as deep wounds as possible.” It is obvious that the locals are doing everything possible to avoid the attack of the scary bird! Perhaps every resident of the town has a story about an eagle attack. And it’s good if there are no serious injuries.

The tension between birds and humans reached its climax when the eagles built a nest near the post office, which was the only one in Unalaska. People had to try to pass unnoticed or approach the building by detours to send a letter or receive mail. It remains only to understand why there are so many birds of prey in this town.

The answer is simple: Unalaska is located near the world’s largest fishing industry. It turns out that eagles live where there is a lot of food for them. Birds constantly steal fish, which are unloaded from the boat after the catch. Also, eagles like to dig in the garbage at a huge landfill, which is located near Unalaska. In short, why would they fly somewhere else if you can always find something to eat in the vicinity?

Here is such an unusual neighborhood, which often develops into a confrontation, formed between people and eagles. These birds are not at all like peace-loving pigeons, they do not retreat when they see a person. But the residents of the town in Alaska live surrounded by beautiful proud creatures that create a very special atmosphere in Unalaska.

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