There is a mannequin in this wedding shop that keeps a terrible secret.

Some perceive them as fiction. Others are surprised at how mysterious the world surrounds a person, and consider everything to be complete realism. Today I’m going to tell a very strange story. Watch until the end, it will be interesting. In Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a famous wedding shop “La Popular”. It hides an alarming secret that causes goosebumps among locals and an extraordinary interest among tourists.

A mannequin in a wedding dress is displayed in the shop window, which has been striking with its realism for 90 years. They call her “La Pascualita” – little Pascual. Back in 1930, the store was owned by Pascual Esparza, who had a beautiful daughter – a black-haired beauty with a deep look of beautiful eyes. On the day when the happy father was gathering guests for her wedding, the bride was bitten by a deadly poisonous spider – the Black Widow. The girl died on the same day.

Shortly after her death, an amazing mannequin appeared in the window of her father’s store. The locals were amazed by its beauty and soon saw a clear resemblance to the owner’s daughter. Many residents decided that Esparza had put her embalmed corpse in the window. My father denied everything, but almost no one believed him. The mannequin is still viewed with trembling and admiration today. Looking into her mesmerizing eyes, many people decide that this is more of a mummy than a mannequin.

The hands of La Pascualita are introduced into a real daze. They show worn nails and lines on the palm. There is also a legend that a French magician who visited the city fell in love with a “girl” and revived her at night. They wandered the streets together, and by morning La Pascualita was returning to her place, turning into a mannequin again. Her wedding dress is usually changed 2 times a week, but only behind closed curtains, the store owner and his closest assistants.

One of the store’s employees, Sonia Burciaga, frankly said that she considers La Pascualita a person. The woman said that her hands and feet are too realistic. They show veins and even places of varicose veins. A number of employees and visitors stated that the “girl” follows them with her eyes as they move around the store. Others said that La Pascualita changed her position in the window during the night. Scientists refute the possibility of preserving the mummy for such a long time in an inappropriate temperature regime.

But the current owner of the store, Mario Gonzalez, is making every effort to keep the mysterious legend on the radar. After all, La Pascualita brings him fame and crowds of customers. On the window where it is installed, it is written in Spanish “Pasqualita’s House”. Some residents consider the “girl” a saint. They bring candles to the store and pray in front of her for the gift of happiness in marriage.

When Gonzalez is asked directly if there is a mummy or a mannequin in his window, he smiles slyly. “I do not know,” he replies. Maybe he really doesn’t know? The truth about this story we are unlikely to ever know. But those who will be in Mexico can form their own opinion. To do this, just turn into the town of Chihuahua, where the mysterious La Pascualita still looks at others from the shop window.

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