This boy was called the fattest kid in the world, but just look how he looks now!

A person is capable of a lot if he really wants to! And today’s story is proof of that. Arya Perman is a teenager from Indonesia who suffered from excess weight. At the age of 11, the boy’s body weight was almost 200 kilograms! No wonder Arya was named the fattest child in the world by journalists! Of course, this title did not add to the boy’s self-confidence.

A child from the Indonesian province of West Java was so large that his mother even had to wash him on the street. The fact is that the boy simply did not fit into the bathroom, so he performed water procedures in the pool! Excess weight has led to other everyday difficulties. It was difficult for the boy to find the right clothes, so he just wrapped himself in a piece of cloth. Of course, it was not without the ridicule of others. no one wanted to be friends with the young giant.

Arya stopped going to school, but not so much because of the ridicule, but because he simply could not move on his own. The body could not cope with such a serious load on the knees and spine, so most of the day the boy just lay on the couch, absorbing kilograms of fast food. It is not surprising that the weight of the fattest child in the world was constantly growing. However, at one point, Arya just got tired of living like this!

At the age of 13, the guy realized that he wanted to be a full-fledged child, play with peers, look good. And he decided to change his life! How? Of course, by dropping extra pounds! The boy’s family supported his decision, because all his relatives understood perfectly well that this could not last for long. Obesity is very dangerous, overweight people get sick more, are prone to early death. So, Arya has embarked on a difficult task!

He decided to lose at least half of his weight. Nutritionists picked up a suitable diet for the guy, the trainer – a set of exercises. However, it was not possible to achieve the desired result. In a month, the boy lost only a few kilograms. Then he decided to resort to an emergency measure. Arya wanted to have a stomach reduction surgery. The parents did not consent to the procedure for a long time, as they were simply afraid for the boy.

But after talking to the doctor, they calmed down and decided to let their son go under the knife. Interestingly, Arya turned out to be the youngest patient to undergo gastric bypass surgery. But no matter how one treated surgical interventions in the case of a boy, the benefits of this procedure completely covered the possible disadvantages of the operation.

The surgery went well, after the procedure, the guy’s appetite became much less. The stomach has shrunk by about a third! The guy’s weight was getting smaller and smaller, Perman Jr. was getting prettier in front of his eyes! From a huge, gloomy teenager, he was turning into a handsome young man!

You say well, it’s all about the operation, but it wasn’t there, if you don’t do anything, then after a while after the operation, the person gains weight again, so Aria began to adhere to a strict diet and diligently exercise, which was very difficult with his weight. Over time, he had to go through another operation – to remove the skin from his hands. Arya lost weight, but his body remained flabby, surgery corrected this.

The guy had to give up his usual diet, completely change his lifestyle, but his efforts were definitely worth it! Previously, Arya was happy to eat whole fried chicken, washing down the treat with several bottles of soda. At the same time, the boy still remained hungry. But now he saw in the mirror a slender, handsome guy who feels great at the same time!

Now Arya walks several kilometers a day, plays basketball with friends, rides a motorcycle. He feels great, is active and is completely healthy! The guy goes to school, leads the lifestyle of an ordinary teenager. Thanks to a new lifestyle and surgery, the Indonesian managed to lose as much as 107 kilograms!

Now Arya dreams of a career as a football player, and also proves by her example that with a great desire a person can completely change his life! If you are not happy with yourself, you can fix it right now. The example of Arya inspires change, impresses the willpower and determination of a person, makes you believe that with proper perseverance and sufficient motivation, everything is possible!

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