What the narrowest house in Chicago looks like inside.

In some countries there are amazing houses that combine an ordinary purpose and the most unexpected architectural form. We have already talked about some of them and now it’s time to update this list. One of these unexpected houses can be found if you go to the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois. There is a building on the corner of Chestnut Street and Hazel Avenue. Just looking at it takes your breath away!

The width of the smaller wall is only 90 centimeters, and the wall opposite expands to almost 6 meters, so the house looks like a triangle from above. Among the residents, it was called “Pie House” for its resemblance to a piece of pie. The land in this area is expensive, so developer Greg Weissman from the local architectural company Advantage Properties found a brilliant solution – he built a house on an area of a little more than 364 sq. m.

In an interview with the popular Chicago Tribune newspaper, he said that the suburbs of the north coast need affordable housing. The house was built in 2003 and sold after 4 years for a little more than 284 thousand dollars. It becomes clear that the concept of affordable housing in our country and in the USA is still different. If you look at what the narrowest house in Chicago looks like inside, the impression will remain wonderful. The internal areas of the building are much more spacious than they look from the outside.

On the ground floor there is a modernly furnished living room and kitchen area, a toilet room. The warm, calm color scheme gives the impression of comfort and tranquility. Paintings in “even” tones, visible softness of furniture and pleasant decor elements incline to a quiet home rest. The chess table evokes thoughts about the intellectual preferences of the owners – current and future. The second floor and the fully furnished basement are occupied by bedrooms.

In wide spaces there are comfortable beds and a selection of necessary furniture nearby. The windows are closed with blinds if necessary. There is a full bathroom next to each sleeping room. All floors have natural wood floors and eco-friendly furniture. The absence of doors between most living and dining areas gives the impression of the breadth of the space and its certain infinity.

The total living area of the house is almost 149 sq. m., which is an excellent alternative to a condominium or townhouse. This is less than the usual house in the suburbs of the USA, but more than in Chicago itself. There is a shed for storing household supplies, and in front of the house there is Parking for 6 cars and a path paved with paving stones. Initially, the residents of Deerfield were bombarded with complaints from the mayor about this “pie thrown in their face” by their appearance. But over the years, people began to recognize that the house gives their neighborhood uniqueness.

A lot of people passing by stop nearby to look at the house and even take a picture nearby. Now the interest of foreign users of social networks has flared up again due to the fact that the house is for sale and new, high-quality pictures of its exterior and interior decoration have been taken.

The clip about the amazing architectural “find” appeared even on the TikTok video hosting, where it gained more than a million views. A house in the suburbs of Chicago is an amazing creation of a local architect and a solid proof of how limitless the fantasies of talents limited in work space and funds are.

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