When people see this house, they can’t believe their eyes. The strangest house in Japan!

Unexpected architectural structures appear on social networks in photos from different parts of the world. Sometimes people think it’s Photoshop’s “tricks”, but some of them turn out to be real. On the page of Japanese Twitter user Yuko Mori, photos were published that many initially considered an illusion.

The triangular house with rounded edges is located on a powerful vertical pipe and a narrow concrete staircase adjacent to it. When people saw this “mushroom” house, they could not believe their eyes. How is it possible to build it? How does the structure hold up and not fall? The Japanese were even more surprised to learn that this miracle was created in their island country, where powerful earthquakes are frequent.

When accusing user Mori of posting an unrealistic photo, Twitter user Trickle Guro also unexpectedly stood up to defend him. He posted the real coordinates of the house in Google Maps for those who wish. All the skeptics were able to open the maps and see the house on the ground. The area around is not too crowded. Most of the space is occupied by fields, vegetable planting and outbuildings.

The “Miracle of architecture” is located near the intersection of roads. Traces of the effects of time are visible on the house itself. The entrance to the staircase is open to anyone, which gives additional guesses that the building is uninhabited. The reasons for building a house in this form are unknown. Some suggest that the owner wanted to pay less taxes for the land.

Others put forward a simpler reason – the rise of the house made it possible, if necessary, to put 2 cars under it. Perhaps this is just a technical building that was used to monitor the Internet amplifiers working for the district. As for the deceptive “shakiness” of the building’s design, the architects involved in the discussion of the photos assured that this is not the right opinion.

Indeed, the cantilever structure seems to be hanging in the air contrary to the laws of gravity. But with the right architectural calculation, the house is quite stable and reliable, especially if its supporting part is visible. The platform on which the structure stands experiences loads only on one side. Everyone who saw the amazing house had different emotions.

Someone enthusiastically built the same in a computer game, others called it an ideal shelter in the event of a zombie apocalypse. He reminded our compatriots of Baba Yaga’s house, and someone of the Soviet “glass” of a traffic cop, in which they whiled away a shift on the road.

Only other sizes and shapes. The architects clearly pursued utilitarian goals, but they managed to impress people with their creation in many parts of the world. Although, people familiar with the console construction simply noted a successful structure in an unexpected place. In any case, the “mushroom house” in Japan has taken its rightful place among the buildings that surprise humanity.

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