When retiring, the professor taught the students a lesson that they will remember for the rest of their lives…

A person gets experience while his earthly existence is going on. But at a young age, exhortations and edification are perceived poorly. Therefore, in order to convey the most important truths to young people, people with life experience have to resort to the most unexpected ways. I don’t know if this story has happened in reality, but it has been on the Internet for a long time.

At the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the university, the lecture did not begin quite normally. Today their teacher was finally retiring. And that was his last class. The students admired his knowledge and sincerely regretted that the professor still decided to leave. But they didn’t know that today he would give them another small but very important gift. He will do it in his own way, like a mathematician.

Stepan Nikolaevich said that the last lecture will begin with the basics of mathematics. Everyone fell silent in surprise. The teacher asked the question: “What is the most important quality in life?”. After a minute of surprised silence and encouragement from the professor, the words “Confidence. Courage. Education. Creativity…”. The teacher shook his head negatively, not agreeing with the shouts. Finally, the students exhausted themselves.

Then the professor raised his index finger up and said: “And here, my dear ones, we also cannot do without mathematics. As I promised, the lesson will start simply. So, look.” He turned to the blackboard, and there, under his chalk, the number 1 appeared. “This is your humanity. The most important quality in life, without which it itself is impossible,” he said, looking at the students. Then he added 0 to the right and continued:

“With the first zero, we will designate achievements that, together with humanity, multiply the overall capabilities tenfold. If you add experience as the second zero, your capabilities will increase 100 times. We add as the next zeros – caution, love, success … You can add infinitely long. There would be appropriate qualities. It turns out that another zero makes a person nobler by 10 times.” After that, the teacher removed the unit at the beginning of the general row with a rag.

Now only empty, meaningless zeros “flaunted” on the board. “I hope you, as true mathematicians, correctly perceive what you see now!” Stepan Nikolaevich declared in a stern voice. The students froze, gradually “digesting” what was said, then smiled. “I see from your faces that I taught you mathematics for a reason,” the professor also smiled. Becoming serious, he continued: “If my students don’t have humanity, all the other qualities are worthless! I really want you to remember this for the rest of your life.”

The students were especially quiet during this lecture. Most of them were impressed by such a simple lesson from their favorite teacher. When the bell rang, suddenly the whole large audience moved to the professor. They gave him flowers, confessed their respect and asked for a phone, promising to call with pleasure. Will it really be like this – who knows? But they had learned today’s main lesson, it was obvious. No matter how fate turns, always remain human. Regardless of the environment, personal wealth, poverty, problems or a carefree life. The world is given to us for good.

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