When the lioness saw the man who saved her 7 years ago, she jumped on him with a run…

Large predators of the planet are strong and dangerous. They remember people who have caused them certain feelings. Today I will tell a story that has amazed many people and has become popular on the web. The beginning of the story began 7 years ago, when the veterinarian of the Sao Paulo Zoo, Adolfo Lorenzo, returned from vacation. He was informed that the new pet, the little lioness Kiara, is unlikely to survive.

Adolfo did not accept the situation and began to act. Since the zoo no longer had much hope for the health of the cub, the management agreed to give the animal to Adolfo. The veterinarian filled out a lot of papers about his responsibility and after that he was finally able to take her to his country house. The struggle for life continued there for 3 months. Finally, it was crowned with success. The little lioness is strong enough to exist on her own.

Adolfo really didn’t want to return her to the zoo, so he found another way out. The guy contacted a non–profit animal rescue center in Mexico – the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, organized by businessman Eduardo Serio. He learned that there are large wild predators that have suffered at the hands of man. Kiara agreed to accept.

Almost 324 acres of land were given over to aviaries, so the animals felt quite at ease there. Years passed. Adolfo’s heart ached. I wanted to see that wonderful baby that he had nursed and cured himself. He himself lived in another place. But finally he decided to come to visit Kiara. When the staff of the center found out that Adolfo had not seen the lioness for 7 years, they expressed doubts about his safety at the meeting. But Lorenzo decided to take a chance.

He could not imagine that his “baby” would be able to kill her savior. The day in the center went on as usual. Only to the adult lioness Kiara he was preparing a very unexpected surprise. When several people (employees) gathered at her enclosure at once, the animal became noticeably nervous. She went to the doors and seemed to be trying to see something unusual behind them. Another man was walking down the aisle.

As he approached, the lioness began to sniff nervously. When her name was called, she recognized the voice of her savior. It was he who sat next to Kiara for days and nights when her life was under threat. When the door opened and Adolfo went inside, the lioness jumped on him and wrapped her front paws around him. The hearts of the center’s employees sank down. But the predator’s further actions calmed them down somewhat.

Together with Adolfo, they fell to the ground. The lioness lightly bit his legs, lightly gnawed on his neck, arms, face and knees. It was exciting to watch, although the lioness clearly did not show aggression. And yet, it was a powerful predator that could bite a person’s arm or even leg with one clenching of its jaws! The pets of the neighboring aviaries were clearly in shock. Tigers, lions and cougars gathered around the net from all sides.

They looked at the amusements of the lioness and the man with clearly “dazed” eyes. Although Adolfo himself weighed at least 85 kg, he could not withstand the live weight of the lioness when she began to frolic. I had to fall and tumble with her. Adolfo came to the city for 3 days.

At the last meeting with Kiara, she seemed to feel that her savior was leaving, maybe forever. She grabbed his leg with her paws and tried in every way to detain him. But, alas, human life always passes separately from the lion’s. Animals, unlike humans, always remember the good. We should learn from them unselfish love and gratitude.

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