When they saw this horse, they thought it was dead, but when they got closer, it became clear that it was still breathing

People can do real miracles. Kind hearts and caring hands can pull literally from the other world. And today’s story is just about such a case. The representative office of the RSPCA charity in England, which is engaged in animal rescue, received a call. A man reported hearing a faint neighing from time to time at an abandoned construction site in East Durham. Perhaps the builders left the horse locked up and left. A volunteer went to the specified address to check the information.

He saw the uncollected garbage, dirt and… the corpse of a pony. When he came closer, his hair literally moved on his head. The animal, in a terrifying state, was still breathing weakly, but no longer made any sounds. The shocked volunteer called the rescue team. At the same time, a man drove up who said that the owner of the site asked him to take out the corpse of a horse. The guys said that the animal is alive and he has nothing to do here. Having been in different situations, the employees of the organization for the rescue of horses were terrified.

The animal was terribly thin. So much so that in some places the bones broke through the skin. At the same time, she was covered with dried dirt, multiple wounds and scabs, open ulcers. There was already pus in some of the wounds, and worms were swarming. By joint efforts, the animal was able to be put up for inspection for a few seconds. After that, with great precautions, she was taken to the shelter lying down. The baby was named Heidi. There she was carefully washed and bandaged, and a blood test was done.

Extremely low protein levels indicated complete exhaustion of the body and the need for urgent action. Taking blood from several healthy horses, they made plasma for transfusion, made several injections. Emergency treatment lasted more than five weeks. They made soft bandages for her and laid her on pillows in the most painful places. To prevent bedsores from spreading further, several pony leggings were sewn and special “pants” were put on.

When, finally, she was able to stand up on her own, the parasites began to be removed from the body. It took several more months for the final purification. At the same time, the horse was well fed and groomed. Very slowly, but persistently, Heidi was moving towards recovery. The staff of the shelter said that her stubborn character helped the baby a lot. Gradually, a beautiful coat grew, and the horse rescued from hell gained weight.

The horse looks great now. Her curly mane and “shaggy boots” on her feet are fluttering when running! Heidi even participated in the competition and received a special award from the winner. When her story appeared in photos on social networks, people were shocked. Many of them wished her former owner to be in the same situation.

Maybe it seems cruel, but launching such cruelty into the world, it is impossible not to get it in return. The beauty resurrected by people with kind hearts is amazing. We can also look around and see if someone needs our help. After all, such serious medical efforts are not always needed, but timely assistance may well save an animal’s life.

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