While watching his parents’ wedding video, he saw their first car. Then he came up with a brilliant plan

Sometimes some things can remind us of the past, which makes them the best gifts. But much more valuable than such presents is the fact that there are people nearby who are able to spend so much effort to bring us joy! Joel’s parents, Joe and Beverly Smith, got married decades ago. They lived happily married for 60 years, raised a beautiful son, but there was one thing that the couple regretted all their lives. This is a 1948 Plymouth convertible that the couple had to sell almost immediately after the wedding.

The couple bought a new car for their celebration to please themselves. They just adored their car, so many amazing impressions and memories were associated with it. Joe and Beverly would never have sold the convertible if it wasn’t for the need. Almost immediately after the wedding, 18-year-old Joe was drafted into the Korean War. Of course, it was a shock for the couple. Due to the lack of funds, the car was expensive not only to the heart, but also at its cost, had to be sold.

As Joel recalls, his parents never forgot about their car. They talked about her at all meetings with relatives and friends, constantly recalled some interesting stories related to the convertible. After all, this car was from the time of their youth, when, as it always seems to us, even the sun shines brighter and the trees look bigger. Joe and Beverly recently celebrated their 60th anniversary together. The couple gathered close friends and relatives to celebrate the event.

At the celebration, one of the relatives showed an amazing video from 60 years ago, which showed young Joe and Beverly, and also the same car. The footage touched everyone to the core, and Joel’s parents were most happy to see their car again. It brought back so many pleasant memories! While watching the video, Joel came up with something. He wanted to please his parents, who had done so much for him, and had been deprived of so much in life.

This convertible was something very important to them, so Joel decided to thank mom and dad with an expensive present. The son realized that he simply had to give his parents their favorite car! And immediately after the holiday, he began to implement his plans! Joel decided to find exactly the model of the convertible that his parents had, but the task turned out to be very difficult. The car was a rarity, so it was problematic to find the same one.

But even if it was possible to find such a convertible, its condition was terrible. Joel spent hour after hour searching for a suitable car for many weeks. He was already beginning to lose hope when luck finally smiled on the man! Joel found an elderly man in Indiana who was the owner of a 1948 Plymouth car. The car was in excellent condition, the mileage of the convertible was only 50,000 kilometers! Joel immediately bought a car and began to prepare for a surprise.

He drove the car, sent it to the repair shop to put it in order. Danny, Joe’s friend, who always repaired his car, took up the case. The Chrysler Plymouth was Joel’s father’s next car after the convertible sold. Interestingly, he drove it for 27 years! The mechanic put the car in order, and then hid it for a while. And now the day of surprise has come!

The red convertible drove right up to the parents’ house, who just couldn’t believe their eyes! Joel’s father even burst into tears from the feelings that came over him, and his mother kept repeating how wonderful it was! Already elderly people seemed to be transported back to their youth, when everything was so bright and happy!

It would be difficult to come up with a more successful gift for the anniversary of family life for this beautiful couple! Joe and Beverly got a great present for their holiday. But much more valuable than any car seems to be the fact that they were able to raise such a wonderful son, ready to spend a lot of money, time and effort to please their parents!

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