Why Australia built the longest fence in the World!

There are so many amazing places on our Earth that simply amaze the imagination. There are not only incredibly beautiful landscapes on the planet, but also man-made objects that cause bewilderment and a lot of questions. Australia is the most mysterious continent in the world.

The mainland is home to many animals and flowers and trees grow, which are present only on this unusual land. But in addition to the amazing flora and fauna, Australia impresses with a unique climate and many interesting traditions.

Australia is the whole universe within our planet. To prove this idea, we will tell you about one amazing fact about this continent that you probably don’t know about. Did you know that there is a fence in Australia, the length of which is several thousand kilometers?

A huge fence is made of metal mesh and barbed wire, it divides the mainland vertically in about half. The fence starts in the city of Queensland and stretches all the way to the Australian Gulf. In 1980, the length of the grid was as much as 8.5 thousand kilometers!

However, at the moment the length of the fence has been reduced to 5,600 kilometers. The figure is simply impressive! The fence required not only substantial financial injections at the construction stage, they continue to invest in it until now! So, three Australian states spend more than 15 million local dollars annually to maintain the fence in working condition.

This duty fell on New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. The height of the fence is 1.8 meters, while the metal mesh also goes into the ground by about 30 centimeters around the perimeter of the fence! It took more than 600 thousand pillars to erect the structure!

The fence took more than 5 million meters of wire! The fence is constantly guarded by a special patrol, which eliminates damage, does not allow outsiders to the grid. But why was it necessary to erect such a giant fence? By the way, the Australian fence is the longest in the world. There is no such big modern fence anywhere else!

According to the official version, the fence was required in order to prevent the free movement of dingo dogs across the continent. The fact is that these animals are almost the only representative of predators on Australian lands.

Dingo dogs greatly harmed the development of animal husbandry, as they made constant raids on farms, destroying sheep and other types of livestock. The animals were fought with various methods, including poisoning and shooting. That’s just nothing helped.

Then the Australian government came up with the idea to build a giant fence that would limit the spread of dogs and their free movement across the continent. The implementation of the project began in the 1880s. The fence along the whole of Australia was only fully built in the 1960s.

The project solved the problem not only with dingo dogs, but also with voracious rabbits, which massively destroyed the vegetation of the continent. The Australian Wall prevents the migration of animals from the arid regions of the country to the fertile southern lands.

A huge fence runs in a solid line across the entire continent, interrupting only on highways. However, the huge grid raises many questions. Conspiracy theorists do not believe the official version of the fence construction. They don’t understand how the grid can prevent animals from ruining pastures.

After all, dingo dogs and rabbits remained on both sides of the wall, what prevents them from continuing to cause damage to local farmers? Conspiracy theorists are particularly alarmed by the fact that the fence is constantly guarded. This raises a lot of questions.

Australia never ceases to amaze. We seem to have already got used to the idea that the continent has a completely different climate, customs, people, and now the country presents new surprises. The Australian wall amazes with its size, resources, invested money for its construction and maintenance.

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