Why baboons steal little lion cubs. The truth is frightening…

We know very little about the lives of our younger brothers. At the same time, some features of their behavior and even customs can cause a real shock. To survive in the wild, animals sometimes have to show miracles of ingenuity. This is especially true for those species that have many enemies in their natural habitat. To survive, the weaker ones need to invent something.

And if they have developed ingenuity, then sometimes wild animals create really clever and insidious schemes. Baboons are animals that live in large flocks in the savannah and steppe. The main enemies of monkeys are tigers, leopards and lions. Predators hunt baboons, they can fight back only if there are at least 15-20 adults fighting with big cats.

Lions constantly keep monkeys in suspense, which are trying to solve this problem in a very peculiar way. Animals can really be very cunning and cold-blooded when it comes to survival. Probably, the same can be said about people… So, baboons know that lions pose a serious danger to them.

A big cat can easily grab a gawking monkey to feast on it. The brethren do not always have time to help. What should baboons do in such a situation. Clever baboons have come up with a way to take revenge on big scary cats, even if it is insidious, but nature is built that way. Monkeys are highly organized mammals that live in packs, together they realize their insidious plans.

Baboons make special trips to hunt small lion cubs. They are a more accessible victim for monkeys, since they live on earth. Leopards live in trees, it is much more difficult to catch them by surprise. Baboons gather together to pick up a lion cub from the pride. Sometimes a large pack attacks even a fairly large animal.

The most important thing is that there are no big lions nearby. If there are any, some baboons distract adults, others steal the baby. So, cunning monkeys kidnap the cubs of their enemies, but why? In fact, the answer is simple and very tragic. They’re killing little lions! This is a way for monkeys to fight for their lives, to prevent the death of individuals of their species in the future.

After all, the fewer lions there are, the safer baboons live. Of course, such a scheme will not lead to the extinction of big cats, but it allows you to control their population. By hunting small lions for the purpose of killing, baboons provide themselves with relative safety. After all, when the lion cub grows up, he will be able to kill someone from the pack.

And hunting the cubs of predators is revenge on them for the constant danger in which primates live. It’s not a pity, but when baboons steal a lion cub, they immediately tear it apart. No one stands on ceremony with the enemy. However, one day this scheme failed. So, in the Kruger National Park, located in South Africa, the guide photographed a very unusual couple.

In the footage, the baboon took care of a small lion cub, who did not understand what was happening at all. Probably, the female has awakened the maternal instinct, she decided to raise the baby. That’s just in the wild it does not happen that a predator is accepted into a pack of herbivores. The lion cub was killed anyway.

But not by the monkey who took care of him, but by the rest of the pack. The law of the wild is harsh: it’s either you or you. The most important thing is not to transfer it to our lives, to remain human in any situation. After all, there are no predators or herbivores among us, we belong to the same species, so we can quite agree before using force.

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