Why did Danish grandmothers spray windows with vinegar?

Grandmothers know a lot of tricks and tricks that help make our lives easier. If in childhood we do not always understand why they do some things, then growing up we can gratefully remember the tricks that wise old ladies taught us.

In Denmark, grandmothers often resort to one trick that helps protect the home from unexpected guests – annoying insects. Most often, the trick is used by elderly ladies who always know how to make life more comfortable. Life hack is relevant for warm summer weather.

At this time, everyone wants to enjoy the pleasant chirping of birds, sunlight, a light breeze. To get some air, we often open the windows in the summer. Air conditioners are not in every house, and the benefits of them are very doubtful. Nothing can replace fresh air, especially in the heat. But there is one caveat…

In warm weather, many people try not to open the windows for one simple reason. Mosquitoes and other insects can enter the room, which can deliver a lot of unpleasant emotions. What do Danish grandmothers do? It’s very simple – they use a special vinegar solution! The usual product, which is in every kitchen, is able to scare away insects, prevent them from entering the home.

It is thanks to vinegar that Danish grandmothers save the house from mosquitoes, spiders, midges, beetles that annoy us so much in the summer. I have not heard of our grandmothers doing this, but, however, this is why this technique is interesting, because few people here know it. If you want to calmly open the window in the heat, not to be afraid that uninvited winged guests will flood the room, use a simple life hack.

To prepare the solution, you will need ordinary table vinegar and water. They need to be mixed in equal proportions, and then put the liquid in the sprayer. Then you need to spray the window frames from the spray gun, both the inner and outer parts of them. Vinegar should not get on the glass, otherwise there will be stains.

And, perhaps, this method is probably applicable only somewhere in the country, and not in an apartment building. So, if you want to reliably protect your home from the penetration of any insects, spray the frames with vinegar mixed with water. This is a very simple and effective method! The fact is that insects simply do not tolerate the smell of vinegar.

And Danish grandmothers are well aware of this. Interestingly, the vinegar dries quickly, while the smell becomes less intense, but this does not affect the result of the procedure. Insects will still bypass your home side. You can repeat spraying 3-4 hours after the procedure.

However, an interesting method, though I don’t know how effective it is, but there will be an opportunity to test this life hack in the summer. If you already knew about this method and tried it out, then be sure to write whether it works so well. In any case, if this is an effective measure in the fight against insects, then it is much better than smoking spirals from mosquitoes.

And what tricks did your grandmothers know? Do you use their advice in your daily life? Often we begin to appreciate the wisdom of our elders only after they are no longer with us. If your grandmothers are still alive, ask them about the tricks they used in everyday life. Old people like to be useful, to share their experience.

At the same time, their advice can be very valuable, capable of greatly facilitating everyday life, making life more comfortable and enjoyable. Therefore, we recommend not to neglect the opportunity to communicate with the older generation, it can be a very useful and exciting activity.

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